Twitter with around 400 million users is counted among the top social media platforms to connect with the target audience, expand reach, and get fame globally. 53% of people on this platform tend to be the first to purchase any product. Brands and influencers use Twitter marketing to drive more engagement, create brand awareness, and develop humor and authentication.

Twitter marketing also provides exposure to the brightest minds, getting regular updates, and sharing the value of information with a large audience. Receiving lots of real followers makes your brand look more reliable and popular in the competitive world. Twitter is the simplest social following to transform from zero to hero. More followers mean more positive impact in your niche and proven interest in your content.

Increasing Twitter followers may be a daunting and time-consuming task, especially if you are just starting. If you are starting a Twitter account from scratch or struggling to grow your follower base, you need to follow a step-by-step approach followed by proven strategies. Here are the best strategies to increase your brand’s following on Twitter and market on the platform organically and sustainably in 2024.   

1.   Optimize your profile.

It is always recommended to create and optimize an engaging profile as it is the first thing users notice when searching for you. Thus, make your profile friendlier by adding a clean and unobstructed facial photo, industry-specific keywords, location details, and pertinent tags. Give your users a taste of your personality. In simpler terms, make sure that your Twitter profile creates a positive first impression on every user.

2.   Post visual content.

Did you know that 97% of people prefer visuals on Twitter than any other medium? According to research reports, the human brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text. Images, animated GIFs, and videos can breathe life into your Twitter platform, boost engagement, and provide improved visibility. Thus, add a variety of videos and visuals to make your content more engaging and memorable and stand out from others.

Twitter cards allow users to attach their media collaterals to their tweets which perfectly combines functionality and appeal. When blended with active call-to-action buttons and important links, these cards can bring organic traffic to a website and deliver useful information clearly and briefly.

3.   Share your content.

Twitter users visit the platform to access the content they are interested in and participate in engaging conversations. Thus, to expand your follower base and audience reach, you need to ensure that your content appeals to the target Twitter audience and adds the required value. You can use your Twitter Analytics to know about what type of content best appeals to the audience.

Discover the Explore page to identify what is trending currently on Twitter. Don’t forget to add pertinent hashtags and keywords within your niche. Whether you are posting about current events, sales, product tutorials, or other things, share your content on other social media platforms to reach a wide audience.

4.   Post or tweet consistently.

It’s important to offer content diligently to let the audience count on you and keep looking forward. Be sure what you are posting must be relevant to users’ expectations and requirements. Try to tweet or post at least two times a day to let your voice be heard amidst the loud noise.

To increase your follower base on Twitter, you can use strategic brand tools that can improve the influence of engaging conversations on the platform and develop a powerful online presence. Leverage a content calendar to plan your ideas and make sure you are tweeting during crucial events and seasons.

5.   Promote your @name.

To get your brand or post in front of a large audience globally, you need to promote it as much as possible on several platforms. Include a follow button on your personal or business website and add a link to your Twitter profile in newsletters, email signatures, and other platforms. Apart from adding CTAs, links, etc. on online platforms, promote it on offline collaterals also, including menus, business cards, etc.

6.   Run a followers campaign.

One of the best tricks to boost the follower base on Twitter is to run a follower campaign. This will not just improve follower count but also accelerate overall growth on the platform. These campaigns help in promoting Twitter accounts among a desired audience. It involves paying only when any user follows you after seeing your ad. To ensure a consistent and organic flow of new followers, run short campaigns. This way, you can improve momentum or always-on campaign.

7.   Interact and engage.

Just like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and other social media platforms, Twitter is all about interaction and exploring a variety of content. Thus, beyond your content strategies, you will require an interactive and engaging approach to make trustworthy and long-lasting connections.

Never make the mistake of creating high-quality posts, uploading them, and then sit relaxing and doing nothing. Instead interact with others including existing followers, new users, influencers, other creators in your industry, and thought leaders in the Twitter community. Tap into the existing follower base by uploading your current email contacts. It will let your users know that you are interested in interacting with them by following them on Twitter.

Follow others and repost influencers. Respond to your users’ comments and feedback and reply to mentions and potential customers for better connections and engagement. Try to find micro-influencers for your product, brand, or company promotion. Interaction with these influencers can assist you with expanding your reach and developing trust with new users.   

Wrapping Up

Growing your Twitter followers doesn’t happen overnight by itself. You will need to create, upload, and share engaging content consistently, interact with fellow users and other creators, run a follower campaign, and optimize your profile. If you’ve been struggling to get more Twitter followers, try these strategies. Use Twitter analytics to determine if your efforts are paying off the way you expect and track your engagement.