The private resort at Princess Cays on the island of Eleuthera, which is a popular cruise stop, is nothing short of breathtaking. Having said that, Princess Cays is a stunning half-mile stretch of white sand beach. 

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Approximately eighty miles separate it from Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas. Although Carnival ships also visit the island, it is controlled by Princess Cruises, which utilizes it to host its Caribbean-bound cruise voyages. Aside from its one-of-a-kind facilities, it is a beautifully landscaped sanctuary. You won’t find a better vantage point in the Bahamas than its observation tower. With all things considered, there are several activities a soul can indulge in. Let’s explore some of them below.

1. First, Go Stingray Swimming!

One of the most recent tours at Princess Cays Bahamas, the Stingray Encounter, is out of this world! Travelers highly suggest it to anybody looking to add a touch of adventure to their stay on this stunning island. The stingray encounter is smack dab amid the resort, a two-minute stroll from the water taxi terminal. 

Quinn, the caretaker, adores the stingrays like her children and maintains an exquisite aquarium. The sting rays are completely unharmed—you can tell because their stinger is still there—and Quinn is so kind and kind toward them; she even goes so far as to name them and describe their characteristics. Stingrays will swim up to you if you invite them!

They are quite gregarious, and some, like Big Mama, are known to be the show-offs. Surrounded by such magnificent creatures was an incredible experience. With Quinn’s aid, we were able to feed them and be in their presence. Individuals of all ages would benefit significantly from this unforgettable adventure.

2. Try Out Some Water Sports You Love

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Your vacationers shouldn’t be alarmed if the mention of sports makes them queasy. Those seeking a more low-key experience might find it in Princess Cays. Just grab a float, water noodle, or aqua chair and bob around on the waves. Additionally, you may find ocean observation surfboards that let you see what’s happening below the water’s surface.

Jump in an offshore kayak or wear your snorkeling gear to increase your heart rate. Paddle wheelers are like bikes, except they’re used on the water, so they’re perfect for couples. Consider renting a stand-up paddleboard or an aqua cycle if you’re looking for something unusual.

3. Flying Over the Surf with Clear-Bottom Kayaking

You still can’t beat a traditional, flat-bottomed kayak, regardless of your experience level. Being enveloped by the diverse flora and wildlife will make you feel like an element of the ocean.

In the lagoon, you could see tropical fish, urchins, crawfish, jellyfish, and conchs while you paddle. You may watch and be amazed by every one of these animals in a kayak with a see-through bottom, and you won’t even have to get wet! The mangroves are also a haven for many bird species, so keep your eyes peeled.

Your experience at Princess Cays will be one you’ll never forget after you’ve paddled a clear-bottom kayak.

4. Ride an island bike to closely examine the Caye.

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Anyone may enjoy the breathtaking views, but why not spend time getting to know this unique island even better by pedaling around? This is the best activity in Princess Cays since it gives you a taste of island living like a native would.

Embrace the balmy tropical winds as you visit the town’s most popular locations. The Princess Cays Wishing Well, Salt Pond, and Straw Market are among the highlights. In between, you’ll get to see the beautiful Caribbean, pink-colored beaches, and gentle slopes.

Those among you who are in decent shape should include the island’s bike ride in your plans.

5. Place Your Drink Order at the Monkey Head

At the Princess Cays resort, you can lounge after the snorkeling adventure. Even though you don’t know what a “Coco Loco” is, don’t worry. In a bit, let the waitress come over bearing a platter brimming with wooden monkey heads and graciously distributing not one but two of them! 

There’s more. Let him mention that the monkey heads must be transported in a separate container from the beverages and that the drinks will be finished soon. Ultimately, a “Coco Loco” is just a pina colada in a monkey’s head shape that could be taken home and used as a piggy bank! What a fun fact, right?

Bonus: Local Shopping

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Small “Straw Market” booths selling wares created by island residents may be seen throughout the resort. Anyone could acquire one of those adorable straw bags with Moana and other Disney characters to bring back to Everly (or to keep for yourself, at least for now!) 

Make sure you bring plenty of time to peruse the Princess Cays’s wares and bring home a souvenir.

In The End!

The Bahamas, Princess Cays in particular, and other Caribbean locations are on the itinerary of many upcoming Princess Cruises voyages. Many 4,5, and 9-day cruises are available on the cruise line, allowing guests to see the beauty of the Bahamian islands. Ultimately, the island is notably busier with Carnival Cruise Line ships. 

Suppose you’re wondering, there are three different lengths of cruise stops in Princess Cays: four, seven, and fourteen days. So, get started, and safe travels!