LeBron James has long been considered one of the greatest players in NBA history, and one of his key attributes may be his height.

LeBron has been playing NBA basketball for 20 seasons, and each year seems to top his previous performance. This has earned him some of the highest honors in basketball history – one which makes him one of the most decorated basketball players ever seen in an NBA league.

While LeBron James is undoubtedly a tall baller, he is certainly not the tallest in the game. All the same, his height gives him the freedom to navigate the court as an expert artisan and win his team those points they deserve.

So, let’s talk about LeBron James’ height and how it has impacted his gameplay over the seasons. But first, let’s discuss some quick facts about Lebron!

Quick Fire Facts About LeBron James

LeBron Raymone James, or King James, as his fans call him, has been a professional basketball player with different teams since his first draft in 2003. But his record-breaking performance as a basketball legend started way before his first draft. 

LeBron began his journey in Ohio playing for Akron’s St. Vincent–St. Mary High School. He earned numerous awards during high school, which eventually led him to joining the Cleveland Cavaliers as a professional basketball player immediately upon graduating high school.

LeBron James holds numerous titles and records, including the all-time leading scorer and the all-time NBA playoff scoring champion. 

So you can see why anyone would want to learn what makes LeBron such a groundbreaking performer.

How LeBron James Uses His Height To Dominate The Game

As we have said before, the reason for LeBron’s success can be partially credited to his height. LeBron stands at 6’9” and is probably in the upper percentiles regarding heights in the NBA. Here are just a few ways LeBron James’s Height contributes to his game.

1. Versatility In Playing All Positions In The Court

Very few NBA players perform equally well in different positions. In fact, most of them stick to one position throughout their careers. LeBron James is not like most of them. LeBron naturally identifies as a Small Forward or a Power Forward. But that has not stopped him from serving a nerve-chilling performance in all of the other positions on the court.

Because of his height, LeBron can also play as a Point Guard or a Point Forward in different situations in the game. LeBron has long been recognized as an outstanding player and captain, thanks to his adaptability. Being able to quickly fill any void or change positions during games has served LeBron well over the years.

2. Scoring Potential

LeBron James has just recently overturned the NBA’s all-time leading scorer record, previously held by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar at 38,387 points. And you can expect the number to beat even higher since LeBron is arguably still in his prime basketball years. 

LeBron’s scoring potential is supported by his towering height over most defensive players from the opposing team. His build allows him to drive for layups and dunks while giving him a jump-shot advantage from different points on the court. LeBron can also make accurate shots away from the 3-point arc.

Anytime a defensive player spots LeBron with the ball, the points are as good as given!

3. Lebron: The GOAT Playmaker

Most offensive basketball players enjoy waiting around for the ball just to make shots at the ring. But LeBron has redefined what it means to be an offensive player by contributing to playmaking and buildup toward scores. His towering height gives him the advantage he needs to make a series of accurate passes above his competitors while building play before the team can score! 

LeBron doesn’t simply wait ahead for the shot. He also assists and builds the game from the backup!

4. Defensive Work

We have already discussed how LeBron can perform effectively from all positions on the court. But it is crucial to highlight how height contributes to his defensive skill. The bulk of the work a defensive player has to do in any game is to guard the different players, intercept passes, and effectively win the play for his team. 

LeBron has the necessary height to defend the play, as he can use his build to guard an offensive player. He also enjoys blocking passes and winning the ball in different situations. Once LeBron intercepts the play, he can build it up and lead the team toward scoring more points.

LeBron also plays effectively on the rebound. He can jump, catch the ball mid-air, and drive the team to transition either by shooting himself or by making long passes to his teammates.

Bottom Line

LeBron James is undoubtedly an asset for all the teams he has played in, from the Cleveland Cavaliers to the current LA Lakers. He uses his height to play as an offensive player and in the defensive setting. LeBron James has earned his place in the NBA Hall of Fame and deserves the GOAT title (Greatest Of All Time). All hail King James, first of his name!