Arkfeld pro flat EDC rechargeable flashlight is a strong and compact tool designed to illuminate your area. This multifunctional flashlight gathers amazing brightness with stunning features, making it perfect for many objectives. Equipped with a strong white light, laser pointer, and a super-powered UV light, it provides the functionality of 3 flashlights in a one device.

Now only does the Arkfeld pro excel in performance but it is also built for very long use. The rechargeable battery and strong design eliminate the need for continue battery replacements, ensuring continuous reliability. Whether you are a professional needing a dependable torch or just seeking an everyday lighting solution, the Arkfeld pro is the best choice to brighten your life.


The Olight Arkfeld flat Pro is a lightweight, compact flashlight with amazing functions. Let’s dive into its important features:

White light

The Arkfeld pro provides an adjustable and practical white light that can reach highest output of 1,300 lumens. This brightness degree is perfect for everyday duties, from navigating darkish to searching for misplaced gadgets in low-light situations.

Green laser

One of the best features of the Arkfeld pro is the inclusion of a green laser. The affordable laser now provides a handy aiming tool and is a beneficial reference point throughout outdoor sports or displays. The laser is visible at night or in a perfectly-lit atmosphere, making it a best addition to diverse conditions.

UV light

This torch features a UV black light similar to the white light. This selection is handy for diverse jobs, which contain counterfeit cash detection, examining identify cards, and tracking hidden stains or pet smells. The UV light is valuable for folks requiring specialized light for ordinary lifestyles or forensic works.

Rechargeable battery

The Arkfeld pro has a rechargeable battery to power its capabilities. It saves you money on disposable batteries and promises you a reliable power supply while you want it. It is simple to recharge the battery with the protected Magnetic MCC cable.

Overall performance

The real test of any torch is its full performance in real-global eventualities. The Olight Arkfeld pro shines in this area, quite actually.


The flashlight powerful production and IPX8 water-resistant rating make sure it can resist harsh situations. It can be carried out reliably in snow, rain, or brief submersion.


The Arkfeld pro white light output is stunning, particularly considering its compact length. It has a highest output of 1,300 lumens, can remove darkness from a big area, and provides sufficient light for many responsibilities. The adjustable brightness degree caters to many conditions, making it versatile for outdoor and indoor use.

Weight and length

The compact length and lightweight layout make it perfect everyday carry torch. It fits your pockets or clips onto your belt, ensuring it is perfectly accessible each time you want it.


Whether you need a best source of white light for everyday jobs, a green laser for precision aiming, or UV black light for specialized objects, this torch has you protected; its multifunctional design makes it a best tool perfect for plenty of customers.

End words

The Olight Arkfeld pro is a transportable EDC torch that mixes green laser, white light, and UV black light talents into a flexible tool. Its rugged construction, amazing performance, user-friendly interface make it a compelling preference for many customers.

Whether you are an outside fanatic, a professional wanting specialized lights, or a person who wants for a multifunctional and reliable torch for everyday use, the Arkfeld pro is a best option for you.

Lighting levels

The Arkfeld pro flat EDC rechargeable torch is a best lighting solution that caters to a big range of needs. Whether working on jobs, exploring the outdoors, or just navigating the dark, this torch covers you. Let’s take a closer look at its many lighting levels and their respective runtimes:

Turbo: When you need the most strong and brightness illumination, the Turbo mode delivers a stunning primary output of 1,300 lumens. It can then be sustained at 420 lumens for a right duration of four minutes. Even after that, you will still have 126 minutes of bright light to use.

High – Providing a powerful and consistent 420 brightness, the High mode is best for a big range of jobs. It can continuously operate for 135 minutes, and even beyond that, you will have an extra 12 minutes of hundred lumens light to utilize.

Med: Striking a balance between runtime and brightness, the medium mode provides a steady hundred lumens. With nine hours and forty-five minutes of continue glow, you will have lots of light to do the work.

Low: if you want to save energy without sacrificing capability, the low mode gives an energy-efficient and soft 15 lumens of light. With a runtime of remarkable fifty-five hours, this mode is perfect for extended use in low-light situations.

Moon: The moon mode provides gentle one lumen of light for the best energy efficiency. It can continuously illuminate for eleven days, making it perfect for prolonged use in low-light conditions. 

Strobe: Besides the many lighting modes, the Arkfeld pro torch contains a strobe mode. This feature can be handy for emergency signaling.

SOS/Beacon: While the torch does not have a dedicated SOS or beacon mode, its strobe mode can still be utilized for emergencies.

With its remarkable range of lighting options and best runtime, the Arkfeld pro flat EDC rechargeable torch is a top-notch choice for all your lighting requirements.

Perfect for everyday carry

The Arkfeld Pro’s slim, ultra-thin profile allows it to slip easily into your pocket, or you can use the clip to attach it to backpacks, belts, and more for convenient access. Crafted from durable aluminum alloy, the Arkfeld Pro can withstand drops from a height of 1 meter and can be submerged up to 1 meter, thanks to its IPX7-rated protection. It proves to be a dependable companion for everyday tasks, outdoor adventures, and more, across various environments.