Probably the most common type of cosmetic dentistry people may find themselves interested in today tends to be teeth whitening. It’s a serious process, and done wrong it can damage the most protective part of the teeth, the enamel. When that happens, the teeth can then be exposed to bacteria and damage from even regular activity such as eating. So, protecting the enamel should be a first priority of anyone thinking about teeth whitening, teeth bleaching or anything similar.

Over the Counter versus Dental Care

There are a number of products available for teeth whitening and bleaching, but that doesn’t mean they are the best thing to use. Again, the problem is the amount of exposure the teeth get to the active chemical before it begins to result in serious damage. With a professional approach at a dentist, the application, mixture, level of intensity and the patient’s health are all taken into account before an application starts.

Unfortunately, the demand is high for teeth whitening. Socially, a smile matters a lot. It’s a career-maker. Despite the fact that people have extensive skill sets, those who look good and smile well tend to move ahead faster, easier and farther on average than those who don’t. So, those who don’t have the best smile then look for ways to improve it. And those who do have a great smile, look for ways to maintain it. Ergo, the demand for teeth whitening when it became available in a widespread manner. Again, however, over-the-counter treatments aren’t the safest or best.

Professional Application

With a dentist in Cary NC will address a cosmetic dentistry interest with a bit more of an evaluation first. The first step is where the patient’s health is. For example, those with bone density issues might not be good candidates for a treatment that affects teeth. Obviously, expecting mothers would be a possible risk as well given the potential impact on the unborn child by chemicals too.

With a review completed, then the treatment is developed, and the patient is prepared for application. A dentist and technician will manage the process and time it correctly for the right exposure level, and then the treatment will be removed. Patients may be scheduled for multiple treatments depending on the dentist’s evaluation of their capacity to react to the application. This controls the intensity as well as the effect and results over time in a positive appearance that lasts.

Make the Right Choice for Your Teeth

So, again, while there are plenty of products available, they can easily make a teeth situation worse, not better. Teeth darken due to stains and food over time. Coffee, tea, soda and dark color foods add and deposit at a microscopic level, but the teeth enamel stays solid. Avoiding enamel damage is the key factor in successful teeth whitening. Remember, there’s no additional set of teeth after the adult set. They don’t grow back again like after one’s baby teeth. So always think about how to keep your teeth protected when applying whitening. A professional dentist team can definitely help.