Botulinum toxin-based injectables are believed to be the most popular solutions for early aging signs prevention and dynamic wrinkles reduction. And even though Botox injections are better known than their “colleagues,” other brands also work perfectly and can help achieve excellent results, sometimes even more impressive than Botox’s. In this article, we will discuss all the benefits of the Dysport treatment, the way it helps people boost their appearances and some important details a specialist must discuss with patients before the procedure starts.

Please keep in mind that all information here is presented for informational purposes only, meaning it’s always better to discuss all the procedure nuances with a board-certified professional to have a clear understanding of Dysport, its working principle, and the ways it may help with one’s personal aesthetic requests.

The Working Principles of Dysport Injections

When it comes to skin aging, two types of wrinkles typically occur with age: static wrinkles and dynamic lines. The first ones are generally caused by the natural collagen and elastin production slowdown, so the main symptoms of those are prominent volume loss and unusual hollowness in certain areas. To treat them, medical professionals typically use hyaluronic acid dermal fillers to fill in the emptiness in the face and noticeably restore the lost volume.

As for the dynamic lines, they are easier to prevent than treat, so many individuals after the age of twenty-five choose to have Dysport treatments regularly scheduled to keep targeted facial muscles relaxed. It’s especially helpful for those with rich facial expressions, as most fine lines and wrinkles occur due to repetitive movements of the face.

If you are a medical professional who needs Dysport for their practice, look for a reliable supplier online. There are trustworthy places where to buy Dysport that offer advantageous prices and an excellent injectable assortment, so we recommend browsing all your options before stopping on just one company!

Speaking about the Dysport cosmetic procedures’ working principles, they are pretty similar to other botulinum toxin injections characteristics. Once the solution is introduced into the target spot, it needs a few days to a week to reach the nerve endings and pause their contractions. By minimizing them, people receive a more relaxed and well-rested appearance, and some may even look less angry! All of that with just one Dysport administration session!

Can Dysport Help with Facial Wrinkles?

Dysport is an excellent solution for treating wrinkles by paralyzing muscle movement. Some people may be confused by the main goals of this injectable, as it’s also used in the medical sphere to help with muscle spasm-related health conditions, such as chronic migraines, hyperhidrosis, TMJ, twitchy eye syndrome, and others. They can be performed only by licensed specialists with perfect knowledge of the human body anatomy, as inexperienced doctors may cause a lot of damage if they try using Dysport without proper training.

Dysport is an FDA-approved injectable used for different types of dynamic lines, like crow’s feet, glabellar lines (vertical lines between the eyebrows), and forehead wrinkles. It may not be very effective to treat fine lines, which are mainly caused by the natural volume loss in the facial area. For this problem, it’s better to lean toward dermal filler that boost collagen production, add volume to the target zones, and give patients smoother appearances.

Plastic surgeons prefer Dysport for younger individuals who want to prevent aging signs occurrence. Once the product is administered, muscles are temporarily paralyzed for approximately four months, and it’s possible to prolong the effect with regularly scheduled treatment sessions (once every three months is enough). To calculate the exact number of treatments and the dose, a consultation with a specialist is required.

What Is the Difference Between Dysport And Botox?

Even though both Botox and Dysport contain botulinum toxin type A as an active component, they are still different and shouldn’t be confused. Here are a few factors that distinguish these products from one another:

  • The manufacturers are different. Botox is a favorite product created by Allergan, while Dysport is an injectable by Galderma;
  • The onset of action varies. Dysport works faster than Botox; after the first injection, the results are visible after a week, while Botox requires up to twelve days to see a decent improvement;
  • Diffusion. Some specialists claim that Dysport spreads more easily in the target area. However, some people believe that it happens based on the muscle relaxant dose used for the procedure;
  • Protein concentration. Dysport contains fewer proteins than Botox, so it’s less immunogenic. That’s why it’s often recommended to switch from Botox to Dysport if patients feel that the Botox effect fades away quickly. That’s mainly caused by the antibodies produced naturally in the body;
  • The prices vary. Dysport tends to cost a little less than Botox; that’s why many individuals often choose it as an alternative for their rejuvenating treatments.

As you can see, even though Botox and Dysport have similar goals and effects, some essential differences must also be considered. Based on them, the plan for the procedure is also created during the consultation in a doctor’s office.

The Bottom Line: Dysport Botulinum Toxin for Wrinkles

Dysport wrinkle treatment is a helpful solution for patients who have just started experiencing aging signs and want to prevent this problem before it ruins their youthful looks completely. Even though it’s often confused with Botox, this solution’s composition and basic formula are entirely different. Thus, the results are not the same as well. The best way to achieve maximum improvement with Dysport is by administering it directly into the target muscles so the product can travel through them and reach the nerve endings; by doing so, it temporarily stops muscle contractions, so the occurrence of dynamic lines is paused. Typically, specialists recommend Dysport for such problems as crow’s feet, glabellar lines, and forehead wrinkles. With just one treatment session, patients may expect up to four months of significant appearance improvement, which is a great deal, considering the overall safety of this brand.