San Francisco, the City by the Bay, has long been a destination for entertainment and tourism, especially for night events. Everything from the opera to high end, fine attire dinners are on the menu in the town on a peninsula. And tuxedos are not only expected at many of these events, they are highly encouraged in terms of creativity as well. More than a handful of celebrities make a point of being seen on the town when there is a special film festival or similar going on in San Francisco. However, you don’t need to be a Hollywood star to enjoy yourself. With a bit of planning, the right event and a good chauffeur or transport, you can enjoy the night in San Fran with style.

Formal Weddings and Parties

More than a handful dozen venues are available regularly schedule for weddings and their reception parties, easily commanding a black tie dress code for attendance. These affairs are big, exuberant and often times tend to be a who’s who in town as well as with well-connected locals. Tuxedos are a must, and they are not specific to just one type of person. In fact, many tuxedos worn are part of personal wardrobes showing of distinct artistic styles from local names. That said, there’s no need to go out and buy a tux; you can easily find a tuxedo rental in San Francisco with plenty of selection. In fact, you might even find a few selections you won’t find anywhere else too.

Special Festivities and Presentations

Probably the biggest affair in San Francisco tends to be the opera nights. Everyone diligently shows up in their finest, tuxedos and fine dresses, to show off their wear entering the City’s opera hall near Civic Center. More than a few big names typically join the entourage heading into a show as well as exiting. These events are typically attended by a mass of black tie tuxedos, but there is plenty of room for something different too. Just remember that opera tends to be a bit more on the conservative side, so a muted creativity is not a bad idea to be respectful of the venue’s decorum.

Late Summer Afternoon and Evening Parties

If you get invited to a summer dinner party in the city with formal attire, definitely go. These events allow a lot of flexibility for different tuxedo styles, and it’s quite common to see a black tie next to a Havana style white jacket tuxedo and a velvet lounge singer ensemble talking to each on the same balcony corner. It’s than kind of fine attire affair.

San Francisco is Used to “Different”

One of the nice things about tuxedo choices for an event in the City is that it is used to being a bit different. So, a distinct tuxedo isn’t going to shock anyone, but using some style to it can make the difference in looking very stylish versus very awkward in a crowd. If you’re not sure what that might be, take some time to look at different black tie parties in San Francisco online to get an idea. There are plenty of examples available.