Kitchen renovations can completely transform your home and lifestyle. However, finding a reputed kitchen renovation company like Easy Living Kitchens is key to getting the kitchen of your dreams while avoiding common pitfalls like budget overruns. This article provides a step-by-step guide to locating an ideal kitchen renovation company that suits your needs and delivers exceptional service.

Types of Kitchen Renovations

The scope of your kitchen remodel will influence the type of contractor best suited for the job. Basic renovations like cabinet refacing require less expertise compared to knocking down walls for an open-concept kitchen. Carefully weigh your goals alongside your budget. Cosmetic changes make rooms appear updated without moving appliances or plumbing. Structural renovations allow custom layouts but come at a greater cost.

Set Your Budget

Set realistic expectations by outlining wants versus needs and get quotes from several contractors. Unexpected issues can appear mid-project so pad at least 10% over your ideal budget. Securing financing beforehand gives you negotiating leverage and preparedness to act quickly.

Research Renovation Companies

Online reviews, before/after photos, plus referrals from family and friends help narrow options. Drive around neighborhoods to find signs for contractors you like then call to gauge responsiveness. A secretary answering calls conveys more professionalism over individuals hurrying to pick up.

Check Reviews and References

Dig deeper than snapshots on Facebook and Instagram to understand customer experiences. Call references and read reviews on Google, Yelp and the Better Business Bureau ensuring a consistent high rating. Complaints get resolved by quality contractors while frequent bad feedback is a red flag.

Verify Licenses and Insurance

Protect yourself by using registered builders alongside tradesmen carrying liability insurance and workers compensation coverage. Request license numbers then validate through online databases. Some states require certificates of insurance from subcontractors as well so double check policies.

Look at Portfolios and Past Projects

Evaluate previous renovations showcasing finishes and styles you like. Examine the contractor’s specialties and project sizes to confirm suitable expertise exists. Are they accustomed to open concept designs or adept with complex lighting schemes? Ensure the photos reflect the company’s direct work.

Interview Potential Contractors

Shortlist around three renovation pros for in-person consultations. Gauge their listening skills and how well they connect desires to practical solutions plus address concerns. Ask about their capacity for new jobs, typical timeframes and processes. Make sure you feel comfortable communicating since frequent collaboration occurs.

Compare Bids

Prepare by itemizing materials plus labor costs to understand quotes and spot irregularities. Cheapest doesn’t guarantee best value if corners get cut. Conversely, too high signals inexperience possibly leading to delays from learning on the job. Consider warranties, timeframes, communication procedures and gut instinct when deciding.

Sign a Detailed Contract

Solid contracts prove critical for renovation projects, legally outlining timelines, payment schedules, precise materials plus all policies and procedures. Review fine print with a lawyer to catch problematic clauses around delays, overages or dispute resolution. Never pay full sums upfront. Stagger payments tied to clear milestones.

Prepare for the Renovation

Plan where to cook and store food during the remodel. Pack breakable dishes/glasses carefully and label boxes by room for easy unpacking later. Take “before” photos of furniture placements and wiring situations to simplify reassembly. Expect adjustments so maintain patience and perspective amidst the dust and noise.


The renovation process spans many steps but careful research, planning and communication with the contractor makes realizing kitchen dreams easy. Stay pragmatic in choices and you’ll gain a lovely, functional gathering spot bringing joy for years to come.