Festoon lights, sometimes called string lights, are a fun and decorative way to add ambient lighting to any space. With online shopping, festoon lights are easier to find than ever in styles that suit your unique taste. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know to shop festoon lights online with confidence. First, let’s cover the basics. As per experts like Fusion Lighting, festoon lights are strands of bulbs on a wire that you can shape into swoops and scallops. The bulbs are traditionally larger than Christmas lights and emit a brighter, more ambient glow. Festoon lights lend a lightweight, delicate touch perfect for porches, patios, gazebos, ceilings, shelves, headboards, and more.

Why Shop for Festoon Lights Online?

Shopping online for festoon lights unlocks a huge, diverse selection in styles you may not find locally. Reputable online retailers offer festoon lights in various colors, bulb sizes, lengths, and more. You can find commercial-grade lights built to handle the outdoors or delicate mini lights perfect for a bedroom.

Online shopping lets you compare costs across retailers to find the best deals. Many sites also offer customization so you can select the bulb color, spacing, length, etc. Finding exactly what you want is easier than ever.

What to Consider When Buying Festoon Lights

As you browse festoon lights online, keep these factors in mind:

  • Indoor vs. Outdoor: Ensure the lights are rated for your intended application. Outdoor lights have weather-resistant bulbs/cords
  • Length: Measure your space and account for swoops/scallops. Retailers specify the total wire length.
  • Bulb size: Mini bulbs: for a delicate look or large, C7 sized for a bolder glow. Vintage bulbs have interesting shapes.
  • Bulb spacing: Spacing affects the fullness of light. 2-4 inch gaps are common.
  • Bulb color: White is common but you can find festoons in colors like amber, green, multicolor. Some are color changing.
  • Cord color: Often matches bulbs but black is universal. Clear vinyl blends in.
  • Special features: Timers, remote controls, solar power, and dimmability are handy upgrades.

Take measurements and note aesthetic preferences before shopping so it’s easier to match festoon string lights to your space.

Factors That Impact Festoon Light Pricing

Like any product, festoon light prices vary. Typically you can expect to spend $15-$50 for a strand, but costs depend on:

  • Overall length – Longer wires with more bulbs cost more
  • Bulb size – Mini vs standard vs large vintage bulbs
  • Special features – Bluetooth, timers, and weatherproofing add cost
  • Materials – Plastic vs glass bulbs, cord/wire gauge (heavier is pricier)
  • Shop clearance sales, buy in bulk, opt for simple styles without extras, or choose mini lights to save on festoon lighting.

Outdoor vs Indoor Festoon Lights

You’ll find festoon lights made specifically for outdoor and indoor use. Here’s how to decide:

Outdoor: These feature weather-resistant plastic bulbs, durable cord sheathing and plug connectors. Ensure the lights, transformer, and timer are rated for outdoor exposure.

Indoor: More delicate materials like thin wiring and glass bulbs. Ideal for protected areas like gazebos. Never plug indoor lights directly into outdoor outlets.

If unsure, choose outdoor lights. They work great indoors too while handling occasional rain/snow if under a patio cover.

Final Tips for Buying Festoon Lights Online

I hope this guide covers all you need to know to shop festoon string lights online with confidence. Here are a few final tips:

  • Measure space and create lighting plan before buying
  • Read reviews and check return policies
  • Allow extra length for shaping, installation
  • Choose weatherproof lights if unsure
  • Handle strands gently to avoid tangled wires & broken bulbs

With the right festoon lights, you can create beautiful, customizable lighting ambiance indoors or out. Have fun exploring the many festoon options online for your unique space.