I enjoy giving my knees some breaks by hiking some flatter trails, and have been to this trail several times. This is about 3.8 miles of flat trail that rewards you with good views.

This trailhead actually starts outside of the park off Old State Coach Road.

We used Google Maps to get there, and we found the lot without any issues.

There is a small parking lot, and since we were there on a cold day in November, I am sure the parking lot fills up on busy days.

There is a kiosk at the trailhead, with maps, information, and even vests for hiking during hunting season.

The trail begins following Long Path signs. We stayed to the left on the High Point Trail, or you can start the loop on the Long Path.

There are portions of the trail that run close to the embankment, so it is good to be careful with children.

There are two great overlooks here, both the High Point and Hang Glider’s Cliff.

We were rewarded with beautiful views on a nice, clear day.

The trail is not marked well in some spots, and we ended up going off the trail to an area with a steep dropoff. 

I recommended grabbing a map off All Trails or another spot, as we seemed to keep going off course and using the map to get back on track.

The trail is pretty flat throughout, so it is an easy trek, even at 3-4 miles.

There are many muddy sections, so we had to navigate around those.

It was a chilly day, but I enjoyed some time walking the trails. Since this is mostly flat, it is nice and easy on my knees!

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