2024 is around the corner. That means you will be frantically hunting for last-minute gift options in another couple of months. Bags, clutches, tie-pins, books, and sugar jars are a passé. How about you give your loved ones something out of the ordinary this holiday? It is something functional, worth every penny spent, and can be used daily. 

Here’s a look at four offbeat holiday gift ideas that your friends and daily will love.

Vintage Wash Towels

Towels are towels, right? Well, not really. Vintage wash towels are a class apart. Compared to traditional towels, they are superior in quality. Thanks to the stonewash process and the finest Turkish cotton, vintage towels are incredibly lightweight and soft. Look out for leading brands like Saarde, which has a unique collection of vintage towels available in six earthy tones to match any bathroom scene. To explore the entire range, visit https://saarde.com/.

Vintage wash towels also have a high absorbency. Hence, they dry a lot quicker than traditional towels. Also, unlike traditional towels that turn stiff after every wash, vintage towels only grow softer. When gifting someone, ask them to wash it thoroughly before first use to expand the cotton threads. It will help maximise the smooth, velvety feel of a vintage towel on the skin after a warm, relaxing bath.

Lastly, these towels also use less detergent than traditional towels and get cleaned faster. In other words, you save more money and time in tandem.

Wool Throw Blankets

Come the holiday season, you prepare your home for winter and families gather for reunions as you play host. Why not make your guests feel at home with unique wool throw blankets as gifts?

These blankets come in neutral tones and are available in varieties like lambswool, virgin wool, baby alpaca, and cashmere. Unless your guests prefer to turn outlandish, wool throw blankets can be downright stylish. From beehives to herringbone, wool throw blankets are also available in several designs and patterns.

Furthermore, wool is a biodegradable material, a better option than its synthetic counterparts. Besides, wool throw blankets are a plush addition to a room and will make things warm and welcoming during the colder months

Non-Toxic Reusable Storage Bags 

Do you have a friend or family member who cares for the environment, and wants a more eco-friendly kitchen or home? Non-toxic, silicone storage bags can be the perfect holiday gift. 

As a trendsetter product, these non-toxic, dishwasher-safe bags are in vogue and fast-changing how people store or transport items. The reusability is always a plus as you can use the same bag for cooking and carrying cosmetics. All you need is a good wash in between.

On the environmental front, opting for non-toxic, silicone storage bags is a great alternative to prevent plastic bags from being part of landfills. 

Contrary to what many would think, being non-toxic or reusable doesn’t mean these bags rank low in style. In fact, these bags come in an exciting array of colours and sizes. Additionally, they are sturdier than plastic bags and certainly look better when carrying items. 

Compared to totes and disposable bags, they are way more compact and can be neatly tucked inside your in-flight luggage. 

Clarity Cases 

Do you have a friend or a family member who’s always scrambling for stuff inside her bag? Then, a clarity case has got to be the perfect last-minute holiday gift.

Stylish and functional, clarity cases come in various styles and shapes. Whether it’s a translucent pouch or a case to store toiletries, these TSA-approved products never fail to disappoint. They can function seamlessly as mainstays inside a vanity bag as well as a neat little storage for smaller devices like flash drives.  

How Much Should You Spend On Holiday Gifts 

Now that you have more than one offbeat holiday gift option, here’s a million-dollar question that needs answering. You see, there’s no fixed budget for holiday gift buys. It varies from person to person, and there’s no sticking to any rule or etiquette either. Given your relationship with the person, choose a gift that reflects your token of love and affection. Say, when buying a holiday gift for your best friend, it doesn’t matter if it costs $50 or $500. Every gift, no matter how small or big, is precious.