Failing windows and doors allow energy to escape, leading to higher costs. They also lead to uncomfortable temperatures in buildings. The right glass company will be professional from start to finish. Since their contractors will enter your business or home, you want them to treat you and your property respectfully.

Shower Doors

A glass shower door can allow more natural light to enter a room and create a bright, refreshing feeling during your morning or afternoon shower. However, a few common issues can cause shower doors to become less functional than ideal. Pivot doors may be hampered when something installed on the ceiling interferes with the door’s swinging, such as an exhaust vent or light fixture. If this is the case, hire a professional for a door repair to avoid these obstructions and maintain the integrity of the shower design. Framed shower doors feature metal frames that keep the shower stall’s glass walls and doors in place. These are more commonly found and can be less expensive than frameless doors. However, the framing can be a turnoff for some homeowners looking to keep their homes modern and sleek. Modern framed doors can also feature options like chrome brass handles and tinted glass for a creative look.

Cracked or Broken Windows

Cracked windows can affect your home’s safety, security, and ability to insulate. Moreover, it’s not uncommon for cracks to grow over time, which will eventually require replacement windows. Often, bangs look like scratches on your window pane and seem harmless. However, these “scratches” are a web of micro-cracks that weaken the integrity of your window, making it susceptible to shattering in the following high wind or when you shut it just a little too hard. Fortunately, simple home remedies temporarily slow the spread of cracks. For instance, a strip of clear tape can stop superficial damages, such as stress cracks caused by temperature fluctuations, from worsening. For more substantial gaps, you can also apply a thin coating of epoxy designed for automotive glass. 

Windshield Cracks

Windshield cracks are a common problem. Whether from a road debris projectile or an evil kid, it is not uncommon for your car windshield to sustain a chip or crack. If you get a windshield crack, you must immediately seek glass services for repair or replacement. It’s true if the damage appears to be spreading or getting wider. Windshields are more than just a shield from the elements; they also play an essential role in your vehicle’s safety. Small cracks that are repaired quickly will usually not spread. A specialized technician uses a tool that seals the damaged area and cycles between vacuum and pressure to carefully infuse a curable clear resin into the outer layer of your glass. It will restore your windshield’s structure and appearance. However, it is essential to remember that a crack in your windshield will only be fixed if it does not extend into the inner laminate or plastic layers.


Mirrors are a fantastic tool for giving the impression of more space. They are perfect for cramped entryways or small rooms that need help with natural lighting. If positioned correctly, they can double the light a room receives. The room will feel bigger and brighter if placed next to a window, reflecting natural light and greenery into the space. A mirror can be made with various shapes and styles, depending on your preference. The most common mirrors are rectangular or square, but you can also find them in unique shapes like hexagons or triangles that can add a touch of whimsy to your decor.

In addition to their aesthetic qualities, mirrors are a convenient and inexpensive way to hide any damage or marks on your walls until you can afford a more permanent solution. Many glass service centers can even provide mirrored furniture to suit your style.