Divorce is almost always a hard and lonely time. Suddenly, the partner you expected to spend your life with is gone. You don’t have the confidant you assumed would always be there. 

Depending on the nature of the split, your circle of friends may shift as other couples may gravitate towards your ex, finding it hard to be on friendly terms with both sides at once. Worst of all, amid all this emotional turmoil, you’ll need to chart the course that establishes your long-term rights over your finances and child custody.

Let’s look at the crucial role empathetic lawyers play during a divorce.

Tact and Sensitivity

It’s common for two newly divorcing people to be on bad terms or even openly feuding. It’s understandable, yet the anger and sadness does nothing to help expedite a resolution.

Empathetic separation agreement lawyers help establish a conciliatory tone and collaborative spirit by operating with genuine goodwill and respect. Their goal isn’t simply to maximize their client’s custody or property rights.

Instead, they want what’s best overall for their client, which means securing the best footing possible from which to be co-parents in the future. As such, they handle your case with tact and sensitivity on route to securing your parental rights. 

You shouldn’t get your legal rights upheld at the expense of burning a bridge with the person you will be a co-parent with for years to come. Empathetic lawyers help you walk this tightrope.

Quick Resolutions 

Whether you’re going through a contested or uncontested divorce, you want it to be over quickly. A divorce, separating from the person you thought would be your life partner, is a difficult enough thing to process on its own. The legal proceedings surrounding it can feel gruelling when they drag on, not to mention the additional money it costs.

Empathetic lawyers seek to secure everything you’re looking for, from a favourable asset split and custody to a mutually beneficial foundation to be effective co-parents moving forward.

Tough When Required

Even the most collaborative, tactful family lawyer can’t control how the other party will respond. If a client’s ex-spouse is digging in for a long fight, empathetic lawyers can adjust tactics accordingly and fight fire with fire. 

But they’ll never lose perspective of the overriding goal, which is to secure what their client needs most moving forward — a healthy foundation from which to start co-parenting. Parents going through a divorce naturally want to be able to move on with their own personal lives, which requires stabilizing their finances, property, and custody rights. But nothing matters more than their children’s welfare. This is the prime directive for empathetic lawyers who work hard to keep their clients on this track.

A divorce will impact many aspects of your life. Your friend group could change, as will your inner circle. It’ll be an emotional journey, but you’ll get through it better and faster if you have an empathetic lawyer by your side.