You must have heard the term ‘commercial range hood fabricator’. You must have wondered what it meant. Well, a commercial range hood fabricator like Martin Stainless Steel offers a variety of services to help restaurants, commercial kitchens, and other facilities properly install and maintain kitchen ventilation systems. Some of the key services they provide include:

Design Services

Commercial range hood fabricators have experts on staff who can design the perfect custom hood system for your specific kitchen layout and cooking equipment. They factor in critical elements like:

  • CFM requirements
  • Ductwork and fan sizes
  • Compliance with local codes and ordinances
  • Integration with fire suppression systems

Their designers create detailed plans tailored to your kitchen, ensuring proper ventilation.

Manufacturing Services

After designing the system, commercial hood fabricators then precision-craft the range hoods per the plans. They manufacture the hoods out of stainless steel or galvanized metal, bent into shape and welded. Their shops can create hoods of all shapes and sizes for custom fits.

They’ll also fabricate other parts of the exhaust system like ductwork, fittings, fans and fan stages. Each component is built to exact specifications by their metalworking professionals.

Installation Services

Professional installation by qualified technicians ensures the range hoods work as designed. Commercial hood fabricators send out experienced teams who:

  • Position and mount the hoods according to plans
  • Connect and test fans/motors
  • Join ductwork through ceilings and outside walls
  • Wire up lighting and controls
  • Commission the system

This expertise guarantees everything functions safely and efficiently from day one.

Maintenance Services

Even after installation, commercial kitchen range hood fabricators continue supporting you with maintenance services like:

  • Regular hood/duct cleanings to remove grease buildup
  • Fan/component testing and replacements
  • Filter changes
  • Light bulb changes
  • Repairs of leaks or damage

They keep your hoods working their best for air quality and fire prevention. Some provide maintenance contracts for scheduled upkeep visits.

Additional Services

Beyond fabrication, installation and maintenance, some commercial range hood companies also offer:

  • Engineering consulting for large/complex projects
  • Kitchen fire suppression systems
  • Utilities coordination
  • Sourcing/supplying cooking equipment
  • Project management from design to completion

They act as fully integrated partners in creating safe, high-performing commercial kitchens.

In summary, commercial range hood fabricators are invaluable partners, leveraging complete in-house capabilities for designing, manufacturing, installing, servicing, and supporting commercial kitchen ventilation systems. They offer customized, compliant hood solutions designed specifically for each facility’s unique needs. By working with a specialist commercial range hood fabricator, restaurants and commercial kitchens invest in expertly engineered systems supporting staff safety and food quality.


When selecting a commercial range hood fabricator, it pays to choose an experienced full-service company offering in-house engineering, production, installation, and maintenance. They tailor complete ventilation solutions specific to your cooking equipment, kitchen layout, and building needs while meeting all codes. This expertise in total system design, fabrication, and support ensures the best performance, safety and longevity for your investment.