A pool is an essential investment in your family’s quality of life. It allows your kids to learn how to swim and creates memorable summer memories together.

A high-quality pool can also improve your health. Studies have shown that regular swimming helps with weight loss, cardiovascular fitness, and psychological well-being.

Quality Materials

The quality of your swimming pool supplies can make or break the enjoyment you get from your pool. While you may be tempted to purchase cheaper chemicals and cleaning products from a big box store, they often need to be diluted with non-essential fillers that perform poorly better. Local stores, like those run by pool builders, specialize in pool chemicals and carry higher-quality products that will last year after year.

When choosing a sanitizer, look for stabilized chlorine with other chemicals added to it to keep it from losing its effectiveness in sunlight. Stabilized chlorine will also last longer than unstabilized varieties, saving you time and money.

High-quality pool cleaning tools like skimmers, leaf rakes, and tile scrubbers can help your pool go longer between services. Plus, a good-quality telescopic brush will reach areas of your collection that require a standard pool vacuum. The same is true for accessories, like water toys and noodles.


Investing in the best quality swimming pool supplies helps them last longer. This can save you money, time, and energy. For example, a durable pool surface avoids expensive repairs and replacements.

The proper cleaning and maintenance tools, such as a skimmer net, can make it easier to fish out unwanted debris that might otherwise become stains on your pool’s surface. This could save you the cost of a costly chemical application and keep your water looking great all summer.

High-quality swimming pool chemicals can also help you do the job faster and more effectively. A professional pool care team knows which products work best to get your pool’s chemistry just right, and they will be able to do it in less time than you might be able to if using a low-quality product. Invest in the highest-quality chemicals and equipment to get the most out of your pool.


When purchasing pool supplies, keep safety in mind. Many pool chemicals can be toxic or corrosive to tissues and metals. Always follow instructions on the Safety Data Sheets and product information literature when using pool chemicals. Also, never mix organic and inorganic chlorinating agents because they can form explosive mixtures.

A safety cover can help protect swimmers from debris that could cause injury or drowning. It can also keep chemicals in and out of the pool, preventing chemical imbalances.

Other pool safety equipment includes backboards with at least three tie-down straps and a head immobilizer for injured swimmers. Emergency equipment, including life rings, lifeguard chairs, and a rescue pole, should also be available.

To prevent recreational water illness (RWI) outbreaks, pool managers should develop an RWI response plan to manage the situation when it occurs. It should be part of the facility’s overall risk management plan and backed by resources and commitment from staff.

Expert Service

Buying high-quality swimming pool supplies is as important as investing in the right contractor when building your pool. Many local pool builders carry all the necessary chemicals and accessories, so you don’t have to shop at big box stores or online.

Investing in the best equipment will save you time and money in the long run. A top-notch filtration system ensures your water stays clean and fresh without consuming too much energy.

A vacuum cleaner is another essential item that keeps your water clear of debris and reduces your dependence on hiring a professional cleaning service. Look for one that can be used manually or with a telescoping pole for hard-to-reach areas.

A pool is a significant investment, requiring regular maintenance to stay in tip-top shape. Experts say a well-kept pool can add up to ten percent in resale value. So why settle for subpar cleaning supplies? If you’re willing to pay for the best for your home, why not do the same for your backyard oasis?