Home appliances are an integral part of everyday life for many families in the Montreal area. They are part of our daily lives and are used for everything from cooking and cleaning to keeping food cold and fresh. 

If you need home appliance repair in Montreal, call Appliance Repair Expert of Montreal. The technicians at this company perform appliance repairs in the area to keep your refrigerator, stove, or washing machine running at peak efficiency, allowing you to focus solely on your normal duties.

The staff of this team is ready to provide Montreal residents with upfront pricing so that you know the final cost before your appliance repair is done. 


Oven and stove repair 

Imagine inviting your closest family and friends to a cocktail party and dinner in a Montreal suburb, and on the day of the event you discover that your stove or oven doesn’t work. Such mishaps with appliances can be not only unpleasant and annoying, but also deadly. Undercooked meals and fires are just two of the most serious consequences that can result from broken ovens and stoves.

If your oven or stove isn’t working properly, you should call a professional repairman because a broken appliance is a hazard. All you need to worry about is what you are going to serve at your party, because a team of professionals can take care of any problems with your oven or stove and fix them before your guests arrive.

Refrigerator Repair  

Toronto homeowners should contact their local refrigerator repair service if their refrigerator is malfunctioning. Choose a company whose staff includes qualified refrigerator repair technicians well versed in the maintenance and repairs needed for many of the frequent problems with popular refrigerator makes, manufacturers and models. These professionals should be able to easily find the problem and fix it in just one visit, whether your refrigerator is dripping water on the kitchen floor, freezing food in the back, or not cooling enough food to keep it fresh.

Put your satisfaction first, so make sure your handyman fixes the appliance with as little disruption to your routine as possible.

Dishwasher repair  

Maybe your dishwasher is leaking or not draining properly. Or maybe you just haven’t heated and rinsed your dishes thoroughly? Either way, various dishwasher problems can be solved with the help of our skilled professionals . We can help if your dishwasher isn’t working properly. Call Appliance Repair Expert instead of washing your dishes by hand and wasting space on an inefficient appliance.

Our Montreal-based, skilled technicians can identify typical problems and fix them on the same day. We have the necessary components for more complicated repairs and get the job done at a fair price. This ensures that you are fully aware of the cost before we begin the repair.

Washer and dryer repair  

Many families in need of home laundry rely on washers and dryers. While some prefer to wash clothes at the laundromat and dry them on a clothesline or on a rack, the convenience that washers and dryers provide is incomparably greater.

At Appliance Repair Expert, understands that even a minor disruption to your schedule can lead to serious problems. However, to minimize disruption to your regular laundry schedule, these professionals are ready to provide fast and efficient repair services for both washers and dryers.