Who doesn’t love a baseball hat? Some people collect so many baseball hats to caps they don’t actually wear them but instead display them on shelves, in glass cases, or behind a wet bar in the family playroom. 

These days, you can get a custom baseball hat made for just about any occasion, from a business convention to a political candidate you’re supporting, to a popular business such as CAT or FORD, to your favorite sports team. You can even have your own hats made to promote your own particular brand, be it as a YouTube personality, a fiction author, or both. 

Says the pros at The Frank Doolittle Company (Frankdoolittle.com), baseball caps have remained one of their most popular union and USA-made products for more than three decades. You can choose from all sorts of styles and even have your own logo created by one of their many artists. Custom baseball caps are perfect for private gatherings, promotions, and events. 

Baseball caps are ubiquitous, or so it appears. According to a recent report by Hatrealm, from celebrities attempting to hide from the paparazzi to real-life baseball players, to couples out for a walk with their dogs, it seems everyone loves or even requires a baseball hat on their heads. People from all walks of life wear baseball hats: rich or poor, young or old, Democrat or Republican, mom or dad, it doesn’t matter. If there’s one thing they can agree on, it’s the baseball hat.  

Why do people like to wear baseball hats? Because, at base, they are comfortable, versatile, and entirely functional. While the basic architecture of a baseball hat never changes, the possibilities for designs and logos that define each one are endless. This means you are bound to find several you cannot do without. It also means there are plenty of people, even dressed in sharp business attire, who will head to work while also wearing a baseball hat, even if they’ve never seen a baseball game in their life. 

It’s impossible to point to one single reason why baseball hats are so popular among moms, dads, and the entire family (yes, there are even baseball hats for babies and toddlers). But there are a variety of explanations for why these customizable hats remain such a staple in your life and the lives of the people closest to you. 

What’s More American than Baseball?

Baseball remains a uniquely American sport. It’s said to be a staple of the U.S. culture. Not long after the sport was invented, the hat began to slowly but surely make its way into American society. In the early days, it wasn’t known as a baseball hat at all, but instead, a “59fifty.” 

The transition from 59fifty to a baseball hat took place around the time Major League Baseball adopted it as a part of its standard uniform. Today, the baseball hat is said to be just as American as baseball itself. But that doesn’t mean you won’t catch people wearing them in countries like China, Italy, or even India.   

Comfort and Functionality

Says Hatrealm, the most practical reason that baseball hats are so popular is their basic functionality. They keep the sun out of your eyes. While it’s true baseball hats can be a fashion statement, they serve a utilitarian purpose. Since the visor shields your eyes from the radiant sun, they are perfect for performing outdoor work, watching or playing sports, or just sunbathing with your family while on vacation at the beach. 

Keep in mind that baseball hats or caps are an easy add-on to just about any outfit you’re planning for the day or evening. If you woke up too late and don’t have the time to do your hair, go ahead and grab your favorite baseball hat prior to grabbing your keys and running out the door with a cup of coffee in hand. 

Baseball hats are not only comfortable, you can easily adjust the size to fit your head. If the day is extraordinarily windy, chances are your hat will remain firmly on your head, whether you’re walking around the city or running a half-marathon.  

The baseball hat is also lightweight, which makes it the perfect travel accessory. If you’re the type to travel with only a backpack, you can even carry several different hats on he pack via a carabiner.  

In the end, baseball caps aren’t just about functionality and comfort, they are all about who you are as an individual. No matter who or what you are a fan of, be it sports, politics, or fashion, chances are, you’re going to locate a baseball hat that bears an image, a brand name, or a logo attached to it.