Becoming a new mom is a thrilling and transformative experience but can also be incredibly overwhelming. Between round-the-clock feedings, constant diaper changes, and adjusting to your new role as a parent, it’s easy to put your needs aside. However, prioritizing your mental health and well-being is essential for your own sake and your baby’s. Self-care practices can help you feel more grounded and ready to handle the demands of motherhood. In this article, we’ll explore some simple self-care practices that can promote mental health for new moms. So, prioritizing yourself and your needs will feel empowered and capable of navigating this exciting new chapter of your life.

Get outside 

As a new mom, staying cooped up inside with your baby can be tempting, especially during those early days when you’re still getting the hang of things. However, there are several benefits of walking outside for fresh air and exercise for your physical and mental health. Spending time in nature and getting some exercise can boost your mood and reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. This is especially important for new moms, who can experience a number of emotions as they adjust to their new role. Getting outside and moving your body can help increase energy levels, which can be a lifesaver when you’re exhausted from sleepless nights and round-the-clock feedings. If you’re a new mom struggling to find the time or motivation to get outside, don’t worry – it’s completely normal! If you’re new to exercise or haven’t been physically active since giving birth, start with short walks around the block. Grab a walking buddy, or bring your partner and baby for family bonding. Use a baby carrier or stroller to make it easier to get outside with your baby. By making fresh air and exercise a priority, you’ll feel more confident, capable, and empowered to navigate the exciting journey of motherhood.

Prioritize Sleep

With a newborn, it can feel like you’re constantly running on empty. Caring for a newborn, managing household responsibilities, and trying to care for your needs, sleep can quickly fall by the wayside. However, getting enough rest is crucial for your physical and mental health, as well as your ability to be present and engaged with your baby. Sleep deprivation can adversely affect our mental health, from increased anxiety and depression to even leading to psychosis in extreme cases. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or experiencing symptoms of depression, anxiety, or other mental health conditions, seeking help is essential. This could mean contacting a healthcare provider, a therapist, a support group, or a womens treatment center. If you’re unsure how to get more sleep as a new mom, sleep when your baby sleeps. This classic advice may seem cliche, but it’s an effective way to ensure you get enough rest as a new mom. Whenever your baby is sleeping, try to take a nap or get some rest yourself. Prioritize rest and let some things go and focus on what’s truly important.


It’s easy to put yourself last on the list of priorities when focusing on being a new mom. Caring for a newborn, getting little to no sleep, and trying to keep up with everyday tasks, taking care of your appearance can feel like a luxury you can’t afford. However, taking care of yourself, including your hair and appearance, is a form of self-care and can positively impact your mental health. Postpartum hair care is an essential part of self-care for new moms. Many women experience a boost in hair growth and thickness during pregnancy thanks to increased estrogen levels. However, hormonal changes can cause hair loss and thinning after giving birth, leaving many women feeling self-conscious and frustrated. Prioritize proper hair care and focus on nourishing your hair with natural, gentle products. Remember that taking care of your appearance isn’t just about your hair. Making an effort to get dressed and put together can have a significant impact on your mood and confidence as well. You don’t need to wear a full face of makeup or dress up in fancy clothes, but rather, make an effort to look and feel your best in whatever way works for you.

Becoming a new mom is an exciting journey but can also be overwhelming and exhausting. The demands of caring for a newborn can leave you feeling like you don’t have time for yourself, but it’s important to remember that prioritizing self-care is essential for your well-being and your baby’s. By taking care of your mental and physical health, you’ll feel more confident, energized, and capable of handling the demands of motherhood.