Dental implant procedures are popular interventions for missing teeth or loose bridges. For a good reason, dental implants are durable and have a higher success rate than most other alternatives. Besides, dental implants are artificial roots for teeth. When done correctly, it helps mimic the look of natural teeth.  

While that’s the case, dental implants aren’t right for everyone. Therefore, if you’re considering getting dental implants in Burlington, it’s good to visit a dentist to help evaluate whether you qualify for the procedure. Here’s what to expect in your dental implant consultation.  

  1. Meeting With A Dentist

One of the things to expect during your first dental implant consultation is to hold a meeting with a dentist.  During the meeting, discuss your dental health issue and objectives. This will help the dentist identify whether you’re the right candidate for dental implants. As noted earlier, there are several benefits of dental implant procedures. However, it might not be good for you if you don’t qualify. Meeting with a dentist may help you decide on other appropriate procedures if a dental implant isn’t an option.  

Take your initial consultation as an avenue to gather information. So, ask for as many quotations as possible. It’s also the best place to evaluate the customer service of the dentist. All these will help you to choose the best dental procedure and dentist for your teeth.  

  1. A Thorough Oral Examination 

Also, expect a thorough oral examination during your dental implant consultation. Good dentists shouldn’t merely use their naked eyes to determine whether you qualify for dental implants in Burlington. They should use modern tools to thoroughly examine your teeth, gums, and overall oral health. Additionally, they should evaluate your bone to determine how healthy it is. This is important since you must have a healthy bone remaining where the original tooth was for a successful dental implant.  

One of the best ways to evaluate the density and health of your bone is through an X-ray examination. The dentist will use the right tools to determine whether your bone structure can support dental implants. The X-ray examination also lets the surgeon know the best place to place the implant. 

  1. Discussion Of Treatment Options

Once the oral examination is complete, the dentist will inform you of all available treatment options. It’s good to participate in decision-making so that you can go with a procedure you’re most comfortable with. If you qualify for the dental implant, the dentist will formulate your treatment plan. You’ll get all the information about your dental treatment at this stage. They include:

  • Duration of treatment
  • Number of appointments, 
  • Dentistry options
  • Recovery period
  • Post-procedure instructions 
  1. Exploration Of Finance And Payment Options 

When you want a dental implant, ensure you plan your budget. This involves determining the total cost of the procedure and how to raise funds. The best way to know the cost of the dental implant is to ask your dentist during the consultative meeting.  

Once you’ve got a rough estimate for the dental implant, explain the payment options. Does the hospital accept bank checks? Can you have a health insurance scheme for the procedure? Those are some of the questions to raise during the consultation.  

In addition to the cost of dental implants, consider all the other associated costs. For instance, if you hire a taxi driver, evaluate the cost and where to source money to cover that expense. All these will help you plan your budget and have a smooth dental implant procedure.  

Finding The Right Dentist For A Dental Implant 

Doing a dental implant procedure promotes your smile and improves your oral health. However, ensure you choose the best professional. With so many in the region, deciding which is right isn’t easy. However, there are some strategies you can employ to help make an informed decision. They include the following:  

  • Check Their Credentials

The dentist you choose for the dental implants should have proper credentials. First, they should have the relevant qualifications, which is a bachelor’s degree in dental surgery. Secondly, ensure they’re licensed to offer oral health services in the state. Lastly, confirm if the dentist has adequate experience. Such a professional will likely provide you with the best dental treatment and experience.  

  • Read Online Reviews

Another effective way to search for the right dentist for a dental impact is by reading online reviews. It’ll let you know what other patients say or think about the dentist you want to visit. Navigate online to find reviews from other patients who were once with a similar problem to yours. Hire a dentist with a positively established reputation.  

  • Put Location Into Consideration

You should find an implant dentist near you. This is important since you might not want to travel long distances after the surgery. It also makes it easier to go to appointments. Therefore, search for dental implants near me when looking for implant services. 


One of the best ways to deal with tooth loss is via the dental implant. But to decide whether it’s the right procedure, visit your dentist. They’ll do a thorough examination to determine your treatment options. Implement the strategies above when choosing the right implant dentist.