Blank walls in your home are simply boring. Instead of leaving them like that, you should think of ways to incorporate them into the decor. Plus, there are ways to make those walls useful and maximize the space you have at home. So, if you have a few blank walls in your home, here are some great ideas for how to decorate them. 

Art with a Statement

Every room can benefit from large artwork with a statement. Large canvases can give a crips and balanced focal point to any room, without taking away from the rest of it. What’s more, the larger the piece the more fun conversations you will have about it. When choosing statement art for any room, simply consider what you like. If you like oversized photographs, go for them. Also, you can be creative and consider some abstract pieces filled with colors, or even posters of your favorite plant, movies, and whatnot. Or, why not use tasteful wallpaper to cover the whole wall in decorative art? You’ll find many options in Dark and black color wallpaper collection that give your wall some extra artistic oomph. It’s usually more affordable than real art, but you will see plenty of designs or patterns that turn heads. Just make sure that the colors on the artwork go well with the rest of the colors in the room. 

Custom Posters

If the wall you want to decorate is not as big, or you don’t want to overdo it with larger pieces, you can rely on small posters that you will love. An even better idea is to find a poster with something unique to you. For example, if you love traveling, you can easily get a custom-made poster of a map of your favorite city at Posteramo. This is a great idea to fill the blank wall, while you are giving something personal to the room. On the other hand, if you’d like something simpler, you can find custom posters of line art, star patterns and so much more. Simply consider what goes best with the rest of the design.

Console with Decor

There are walls that give you room to upgrade the functionality of the home. If you have an empty wall close to the front door, you can decorate it with a simple console table. Such console tables will provide functionality, storage, and some space for decorating. You shouldn’t leave it bare and opt for a big mirror above the table, while you can decorate its surface. Add some plants on the console, as well as some decorative storage baskets underneath it, and you have filled that empty wall in a matter of seconds. 

Wall Moldings

Some people don’t want art on the walls, and that’s okay. Instead, to provide character to the room, you can add moldings and trimmings to the wall. These details add layers of character and interesting details to any empty wall. You can go for many styles here, from baseboard flat profiles to picture-frame molding, there is so much to explore here. 

Green Walls

If you’ve always wanted a lot of plants in your home, it’s time to create a green wall. These walls can look simply stunning while they offer air purification and fresh scents. You can plant a few climbers in a trough on the wall and let the plant creep up and cover it all. And if you want to add some extra character to this wall, you can add grass or flowering plants to add depth and color. 

As you can see, there is a great number of solutions for that empty wall. You shouldn’t leave it bare and boring when you can build its character and even add functionality to your home. Be creative and play with ideas and colors, and your home, and you will love it.