Small bedrooms can be both cozy and cramped. With a limited amount of space to fill your room with all its necessities, it can be a bit challenging to figure out how to decorate and plan to end up with a finished product that is functional and stylish. You will need to find a way to fit your necessities, like a bed, desk, chair, mirror, closet, and so on, and objects you would like to keep in your room to make up its decor.

However, you can transform your small and confined bedroom into a cozy, smart-looking and spacious retreat with some creative thinking. Following our tips, you can fit almost everything you want and need into this space without feeling cramped! If you’re confused about how this is possible but want to attempt it, read on to discover our small bedroom decor ideas! 

Multipurpose furniture 

The lifesaver of all small and compact spaces would have to be the creation of multipurpose furniture. As its name suggests, this furniture serves multiple purposes in the disguise of one. By opting for this, you can fit various pieces of furniture into your bedroom, making the seemingly impossible possible. 

But what kinds of multipurpose furniture would best suit your needs? A soft and comfy sleeper sofa is the way to go when you want a bed and couch to fit in one place. During the day, you can allow your sleeper sofas to remain in the position of a sofa. It allows you to sit, lie down, and snuggle up. Contrastingly, you can pull it out into a bed by night and drift off into a deep slumber.

Another multipurpose furniture item you could place in your bedroom could be a coffee table with room for storage! Placing this in front of your sleeper sofa during the day can provide you with a table where you can place your items, ensuring that you don’t leave things lying around your couch-come-bed. Additionally, you can store your items within its drawers or shelves, creating more free space within the room. 

Vertical storage 

One prime principle of decorating small rooms is to ensure that your storage space is placed vertically instead of horizontally. This is because horizontally placed furniture will take up much of your floor space, disallowing you from moving freely and unharmed. 

You could bump into any item immediately and have to carefully navigate ways in, out, and around your bedroom. Vertical storage, however, allows for more floor space, decreasing your chances of bumping into items around your room. 

Furthermore, it visually decreases the look of clutter in the bedroom by giving it a more refined and clean display. Furniture such as extended shelves and more compact tables will give you a clutter-free look! 

Choose the right colour scheme 

You can choose two main colour schemes when decorating your small bedroom light or dark. Both have their pros and cons, so let’s explore them! Regarding a darker colour palette, you can ensure a cozy and snug vibe to be attributed to your room. This is due to the feeling of it being smaller and, therefore, more compact. 

A disadvantage to this, however, would be that it displays a more closed-off space than an open one. Light colour palettes, on the other hand, significantly open up your room to the human eye. While the size, of course, technically stays the same, the room seemingly grows and expands, thereby creating the illusion of a more spread-out space. 

One issue with choosing this option would be that it is relatively easy to stain your items. However, if you are clean and tidy, this should not be much of an issue! 


Another way to open up your room and make it seem more spacious would be by placing mirrors in the bedroom. By reflecting surfaces, mirrors also help create an expansive illusion, making your small bedroom seem much larger. This is especially effective if placed opposite a window, as it duplicates the outside air and space. 


Along the same lines, ensuring several windows in your room will help open it up. As mentioned above, windows allow natural air into our space, seemingly opening it up. A lack of windows makes your room seem more like a box and suffocated. Having one or more immediately removes this feeling and makes breathing and living in this space far easier.