Having a healthy beautiful lawn means joining the never-ending fight against the notorious weed. It’s not always easy and many grow weary so eat your Wheaties and pack a lunch because killing weeds takes patience. It also helps to use a powerful weed killer at just the right time of the year for your specific lawn. 

If you’re patient and persistent using the right weed killer, you can achieve a top quality lawn worthy of golf course claims and aerial photos. It is not as impossible as it may seem.

Here’s what you need to know about finding the most powerful grass and weed killer for your lawn. 

Purchase from a Reputable Company

Perhaps the most important step in finding a powerful effective weed killer for your lawn is purchasing your products from a reputable company. Not only will this save you money and help you get the most bang for your buck, but it ensures you receive adequate instruction on how and when to apply the products you purchase. The directions on these products are general and a reputable company can offer safe handling and application instructions for maximum effectiveness.

Determine Needs

To find the most powerful weed killer for your lawn, you must first determine what type of grass you have and whether it’s a cool season or warm season grass. Some weed killer products are most effective when applied in the spring while others should be applied in the fall. A professional at the reputable company you choose can help you determine which is best for you.

It also helps to know what type of weeds you already have before purchasing a weed killer. Certain weeds can sometimes indicate moisture problems or issues with a soil’s pH balance. Determining your needs beforehand is the best way to find the most powerful weed killer product for your lawn. 

Solving a Weed Problem or Preventing One

Before acting, it’s important to look at your lawn to determine if you already have a weed problem. This will tell you if you need pre or post emergent. Pre-emergents are weed killer products that help prevent weeds and post-emergents kill weeds you already have. Sometimes you can use a weed killer product with Dithiopyr to help stop invading weeds and fertilize lawns at the same time.

Killing weeds effectively takes knowledge and precision. There may be times when you want a spot treatment for smaller areas or a turf dye when you’re treating the whole lawn. It will help you see where you’ve already applied product to prevent missed areas and over-application. You can also consider a nonionic surfactant to help increase absorption and transfer. 

Finding the Best Weed Killer

Finding the best weed killer product for your lawn takes a little work and a reputable company you can purchase from. Knowledge is power and you need to know a bit about your lawn to find the most powerful weed killer products. Find out what type of grass you have and determine if you’re solving a weed problem or preventing one. You’ll also want to be sure the weeds you may already have don’t indicate a bigger problem. With the right information, finding the most powerful weed killer for your specific lawn is a breeze.