The choice of auto transport carrier can significantly impact the cost of shipping your vehicle from California to Illinois. Choosing the right type of carrier can help you save money while keeping your vehicle safe throughout the shipping process.

To ensure that you receive the finest service possible, a good auto transport broker for California to Illinois auto transport will deal with multiple carriers. Also, they can represent you in negotiations to get the best deal on auto shipping.

Enclosed Carrier

Enclosed car shipping is a popular option for people who must transport their cars for long distances. It is more expensive than open carrier transport, but it can provide a higher level of protection and security for your vehicle.

In addition, enclosed carriers are often equipped with lift-gate technology that allows for easier loading and unloading of low-ground clearance vehicles. This is especially important when shipping luxury or high-end vehicles.

Moreover, an enclosed carrier will protect your car from weather elements and road debris. This is particularly beneficial for antique and classic cars and high-end sports vehicles.

Generally, an enclosed carrier will cost around 60-100% more than an open carrier. It also will take longer to pick up and deliver your car. But it is worth the extra expense, as it can save you from dealing with costly damage or theft while in transit.

Open Carrier

Open carrier auto transport is the most standard method of shipping vehicles state-to-state and nationwide. It is the most popular, affordable, and secure auto-shipping method.

Thousands of vehicles are transported each day using this method. It is also the most common choice for car dealerships and individuals looking to relocate their cars quickly.

The cost of shipping a vehicle varies based on the make and model, distance traveled, and the type of carrier chosen. Remote areas of the country and non-running vehicles also drive up the price.

Long-Distance Carrier

Choosing the right type of auto transport for your California to Illinois move is essential. You will need to consider how long it will take to deliver your vehicle and the cost and services offered by the carrier.

When you ship your car from California to Illinois, choose a shipping company to deliver your vehicle safely. Getting quotes from a reliable transport company will help you make the best decision for your needs and budget.

If you decide to switch long-distance carriers, read the fine print of your current plan and check for termination penalties or term requirements. Also, check your monthly telephone bills for any additional fees that you may be charged.


When you need to ship your car from California to Illinois, there are some factors you should consider. Your budget, vehicle make and model, carrier type, and distance are just a few.

The first step is finding a broker to help you get a quote and book a move. They can help you compare quotes from different carriers and find the best deal for your needs.

They should also be able to answer any questions about auto transport, whether related to price or time. Be sure to also ask about the company’s liability insurance coverage.

Choosing the right auto shipping carrier for your California to Illinois move is key to getting the job done safely and on schedule. Fortunately, there are many options to choose from.