The list of things required to care for a newborn is extensive. Although you’re willing to supply everything they need, there’s nothing like the support of others to lighten the load. Creating a baby registry makes it easy for family and friends to choose adorable yet practical baby gifts. A registry also saves expectant parents time, keeps them organized, and reduces stress. There’s just one problem, deciding what to add to the list. 

The baby product market is so massive that narrowing down your options feels overwhelming. How do you know which items are worth the investment and which are a waste of money? Is it okay to add products to the baby registry that you want but don’t need? 

Newborn baby in comfortable pajamas sleeping on a beige blanket

Essential Items To Add To Your Baby’s Registry

So many questions and so little time to decide. Before making random selections or adding things you won’t need, consider this list of essential items to add to your baby registry. 

  • Crib or Bassinet – Your baby needs a safe and secure place to rest unless you plan on co-sleeping. Bassinets are ideal for the first few months and are convenient for small spaces. However, a crib can be suitable for the first year. Don’t forget to add accessories like a mattress and bedding.
  • Car Seats – As a parent, your baby’s safety is a priority. Therefore, you should add a car seat to the list. Review the age and weight limits and safety features to determine which product is ideal for your traveling needs. 
  • Strollers – Whether you’re jogging through the park, walking around a mall, or running other errands, having a stroller makes getting around much easier
  • Onesies And Booties – When you’re heading out with your newborn, you dress them in the cutest baby clothes. However, you’ll want to put your baby in something more comfortable when they’re home. Onesies and booties (or socks) are the perfect casual attire for your baby. 
  • Undies and Bibs – From throw up and drool to food spills and leaky diapers, newborns are known for making a mess. Therefore, you want an arsenal of bibs and undies to keep them fresh, clean, and dry all day. 
  • Receiving Blankets – Receiving blankets can serve various purposes. They’re great for burping, swaddling, and keeping your baby warm. 
  • Bottles/Breast Pump – Newborns require about 1 to 2 ounces of formula every 2 to 3 hours. As you might imagine, that’s a lot of bottles. Consider adding between three and ten bottles to your registry, depending on your feeding preference (i.e., formula or breastfeeding). For breastfeeding moms, you’ll also want to add a pump to the registry to store milk and have a supply on hand for those times you can’t feed the baby yourself.
  • Diapers –  If you’re feeding your newborn every 2 to 3 hours, chances are they will soil a few diapers. Put yourself ahead of the game by adding diapers to your registry. You should also include wipes, ointment, pins, and other diaper-changing accessories.
  • Diaper Bag – The most efficient way to tote around items for your baby is to get a diaper bag. You could have a small one for quick errands and a larger one when you’re out all day. 
  • Coming Home Outfit – Bringing your baby home from the hospital is a special moment. Parents often like to dress their newborns in cute outfits to show off their newest family member. Why not add a baby gift box to your registry to ensure your baby has something adorable and comfortable to come home in style (without compromising their comfort)?

Deciding what to put on a baby registry is challenging, especially with so many options. While your selections should be based on what your baby needs and your preferences, the above list provides a great starting point. As long as you have these items on your registry, anything else you include is simply a bonus. Who knows? Perhaps you could add something to the registry for yourself.