Despite all the fun and frivolity associated with Independence Day, the multitude of firework-related accidents that occur every year mustn’t be ignored. While including fireworks in your July 4th festivities is sure to delight your kids, it is imperative that you set a good example. In the absence of the proper precautions on the part of parents, children are liable to find themselves on the receiving end of serious injuries – or worse. Moms and dads looking to do right by their little ones this summer should heed the following pointers.

Purchase Fireworks from Highly-Rated Manufacturers 

When shopping around for the right fireworks, seek out products from manufacturers with a knack for quality. Purchasing low-grade or poorly-manufacturer fireworks is liable to place your safety and that of your children at risk this July 4th. So, if you’re currently in the market for a good roman candle or any other type of commonplace firework, you’d be wise to do a bit of consumer research beforehand. 

You should also make a point of avoiding fireworks that are intended for professional displays, as they contain a great deal more firepower than regular fireworks. Although professional-grade fireworks can often be identified by brown paper packaging, you should get in touch with the manufacturer if you have any questions regarding a firework’s strength. 

Don’t Handle Fireworks Under the Influence 

As is the case with other potentially dangerous items, fireworks and drinking and/or drug use aren’t a good combination. Being under the influence can impair judgment and slow reaction time, both of which can prove extremely dangerous whenever fireworks are involved. Allowing your children to see you in an inebriated state is bad enough without the added danger of shooting off fireworks. 

Since alcohol consumption is commonplace at July 4th gatherings, parents will need to make a choice between drinking and fireworks. If you intend to consume alcohol at your next Independence Day get-together, fireworks should not be part of the event. Even if you plan to limit yourself to only one or two drinks, you can’t afford to take any chances when it comes to fireworks. Furthermore, if you take any medication for which dulled reaction times or impaired judgment are known side-effects, it’s in your best interest to skip the fireworks. 

Prioritize Fire Safety 

Ideally, your 4th of July fireworks display won’t be marred by fire or any other unintended mishaps. However, whenever fireworks are involved, parents are urged to plan for the best but prepare for the worst. As such, it is strongly advised that you keep a variety of fire-extinguishing tools within easy reach. A bucket of water, a powerful hose and a fire extinguisher are all great items to have on hand whenever fireworks are being shot off. The quicker you’re able to respond to a fire, the quicker that fire can be contained. 

By extension, you should never approach or attempt to dispose of a lit firework without first dousing it with water. This will help ensure that no one is injured by a firework that still has some gas left in the tank and go a long way towards preventing garbage fires.  

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Never Allow Small Children to Handle Fireworks

Wanting your kids to have an enjoyable Independence Day is perfectly understandable. Still, the desire to see your children happy does not justify taking foolish risks. So, no matter how much your little ones beg and plead, small children should not be allowed to handle fireworks under any circumstances. Even sparklers have been known to cause serious burns and significant injuries. 

You should also require your children to observe any firework displays from a safe distance and never allow them to approach used fireworks that haven’t been thoroughly extinguished. Additionally, should you allow older kids to handle fireworks, take care to observe them as closely as possible. 

There’s little wonder as to why fireworks are such a time-tested staple of July 4th. After all, they’re festive, colorful and able to capture the attention of people of all ages. Unsurprisingly, children are particularly drawn to fireworks – which can be a problem in the absence of the proper precautions. As such, it behooves all parents to set a good example with regard to the handling and disposal of fireworks this Independence Day.