Just like choosing the right wedding venue can make or break a wedding, choosing the wrong bridesmaid can do the same. That’s why you will want to pick your squad with care.

But once you have some folks in mind, then it’s time to send in your bridesmaid proposal. It isn’t just as easy as sending a text and getting a reply back, saying yes or no.

Since your bridesmaids are going to be doing a lot to ensure your wedding is successful, you want to take the time to send in a good bridesmaid proposal. Here are some bridesmaid proposal tips that should help. 

Ask in Person

This is an important question you are asking your friend, so try not to do it over text or even on the phone. Unless she lives in another country and only video calls are possible in that situation, you will want to have a face-to-face conversation with your potential bridesmaid. 

Invite her out for tea, a walk, or dinner, and pop the question then. Just like a real proposal. 

Send a Gift 

If you know that your friends are going out of their way to be your bridesmaid, perhaps because it’s a busy time for them or they just got married or had a baby, or they are traveling from far away, then you will want to give them a gift to thank them. 

Plan on sending your bridesmaids some thoughtful bridesmaid gifts to acknowledge your love and appreciation for them. 

Don’t Be Casual About It

If you are thinking that this is all too formal, then you are exactly right.

A bridesmaid has to put hours of work into your wedding, so you will want to ask them to be your bridesmaid in a formal fashion. 

Give Them Time To Think About It

Don’t force your potential bridesmaids to give you an answer right away. Give them to think about it, and then follow up a couple of weeks later, if they haven’t replied yet.

Don’t assume the answer is no if they are late in their reply. They might just be busy with work or something else. 

You could even send them some ideas for how the wedding is going to be set up. For example, if you chose sage green bridesmaid dresses already, then you could send them a picture of the dress to entice them to join up. 

If they are apprehensive about something related to the role, then ask them questions about it and try to soothe their worries. But don’t force them to be your bridesmaid, if they aren’t comfortable with it. 

Send Out a Bridesmaid Proposal With Intention

Now that you have this bridesmaid proposal guide to work with, you should be able to ask your friends to be your bridesmaid with ease. This way, your wedding can be even more successful than it already would be. Don’t forget to show appreciation in person and with a bridesmaid gift.

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