When you and your partner (or just you) bring home a new baby, whether it is your first or fifth, there will be some steps that you will want (and need) to take to ensure that your home is ready for them, which goes far beyond ensuring that you have enough diapers!

Many new parents are surprised at how sensitive a newborn baby can be, so it can be a challenge to manage them if you aren’t sure how you can make your home suitable for them. 

So, with that in mind, here are some top ways to ensure that your home is ready for your newborn to thrive in. 

Clean It!

This may be a role that you delegate to someone else as your due date approaches but ensuring that your home is clean is important in order for your newborn baby to thrive. 

This will help to keep them healthy, and honestly, with a newborn around, you will need all the cleanliness you can get, as life will get hectic pretty quickly!

So, to help yourself, and your baby, ensure your home is as clean as possible. If you want some tips on preparing for a newborn, visit Two Healthy Homes

Keep It Ambient

This is going to be a lot harder if you live somewhere that is known for being overly hot or overly cold, but one way you can ensure that your baby feels comfortable when they arrive home is to keep your home at a steady temperature. The ideal room temperature for newborns is 68-72 degrees Fahrenheit (20-22 degrees Celsius). 

The ideal humidity levels are also between 40 and 60%. A dry room can cause dry skin and irritation, while a humid room can lead to mold and mildew formation, which can cause respiratory issues. So, try to invest in a dehumidifier if possible, or if you live in a hot climate, it may be wise to buy a humidifier to keep your baby’s skin moisturized.


Babies thrive on being held, touched, and generally stroked by their caregivers. 

So, aim to do lots of research into how to comfort a newborn baby. Books will advise you to hold them as much as you can. Provide physical touch and affection, such as cuddling, holding, and skin-to-skin contact. Newborns crave physical touch and affection, and it helps them feel safe and secure.

Newborns communicate through crying, and by responding quickly to their cries, you can prevent them from getting overly upset. A warm smile, a gentle touch on the forehead, or a kiss on the cheek can all communicate love to a newborn, which will, once again, allow them to feel safe and loved when they finally come home.

Set a Routine

Yes, newborns have their own needs and desires, such as hollering at 2am! But, generally, for your own health and that of the baby, you should aim to set and keep a routine as much as you can. This may involve bathing them at a set time each night, putting them to bed at the same time, and feeding them at the same intervals each day. All of this will help you to bond and will help them to feel safe. This will also help you to feel less overwhelmed.