Holding get togethers in your backyard can be a lot of fun, but it is also important to plan thoroughly! Holding a successful backyard BBQ or pool party involves many elements. Here are some ways to put together a good get together.

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Make Your Backyard Festive

There are lots of ways to add festive touches to your backyard, other than temporary decorations. Flowers and landscaping are great accents.  Add in pops of color and plants that grab your attention, from showy grasses to bright flowers. Look up plant hardiness by zone to find the best plants that will thrive in your area.

Lights are a nice touch around your home for accent lighting during darker hours. You can hang outdoor lights to brighten up the space and give it a special feel. Twinkling lights at night add a nice element, and accent lights add to the ambiance.

Backyard Cooking

Entertaining outdoors also means food!  Establish an area where you can prepare and serve food, from a table by your grill to a fully stocked outdoor kitchen. You will also want to have a way for guests to enjoy their food, from tableware that can withstand the outdoors to colorful tablecloths, drink dispensers, coolers stocked with beverages, and so on. For younger kids, keep in mind some meal options that are kid-friendly.

Use Your Pool

If you have a pool, make the most of it!  A pool party is a wonderful way to enjoy your backyard and bring people together to enjoy swimming and relaxing.  If you are building a home or adding a pool to an existing property, think about your plans and how it makes sense to design a fascinating pool for your space. Also consider hiring a lifeguard to make sure everyone is safe.

Even if you do not use your pool during your get together, you can transform it into a festive focal point.  Light up your pool at night with accent lights and/or floating lights, pool floats, and more.

Have Comfortable Seating and Tables

Backyard furniture has come a long way since simple plastic chairs.  There are so many options, with a variety of plush couches and chairs, as well as tables, side tables, and more. Be sure to provide some shade, whether you use an umbrella or a sun shade, or you can even consider building a pergola or installing a retractable awning. See more ideas about shade structure to protect your furniture from fading.

Stay Cool

For get togethers during hot summertime weather, consider some ways to cool down.  Offer options for shade, from umbrellas to shade cloths that you can hang. Fill a cooler with ice and drinks for guests to pick from.  You can also set up a misting system for additional cooling.

Provide Entertainment

For backyard get togethers, have some ways to entertain guests, from music to games.  If you are having younger children, offer toys and games.  There are many outdoor game options, from frisbee to croquet. Weather permitting, you can have a variety of other activities, like card games.

Keep Safety in Mind

Remember to consider safety elements when planning a backyard party.  For a pool party, it is a good idea to hire a lifeguard to keep an eye on guests.  Make sure things like grills and firepits are supervised when in use, and that tools and other accessories are used and stored appropriately.  For foods, keep allergies in mind, and also anything that might not be safe for pets.