Your backyard is a big part of your home life, and therefore, it is also important to make sure it is a safe space. With proper maintenance and some careful planning, you can ensure that you can keep your family and visitors safe.

Fence Your Yard

Putting up a fence can keep your kids and pets in, while keeping others out.  This can help to alleviate many stresses, from your dog running off, to children wandering away.  Additionally, it can offer privacy in your yard, away from prying eyes.  Plus, a fence adds a barrier from intruders as well as animals such as dogs or deer.

Deck, Patio, and Other Structures

Regularly check and maintain any structures that are in your yard, from swingsets to decks.  A single nail or rotting wood can be a major hazard, and it is easy enough to avoid mishaps when you make sure that things are working properly. Wooden structures may need a fresh coat of paint, waterproofing treatment, or staining, to keep it looking good and in good condition.

Pool Safety

Having a pool comes with liability, and it is important to keep pool safety in mind. When you hire a professional to install a pool, you can be assured that safety features are taken into consideration.  You can add in your own extras, such as a fence and a pool alarm. Properly store pool chemicals and equipment.  Provide guidance for pool use to children, such as no diving and not playing with drains, and be sure that children are kept supervised at all times during pool use.  Also consider hiring a lifeguard any time that you have a pool party.

Grills & Firepits

Grills and firepits can pose a danger, from heat and flames to the tools associated with them. Know proper grill safety and fire safety procedures. Be sure to keep these a distance from your home and observe all fire and other regulations.  Tools should be stored properly, and care should be taken with hot embers and coals, including proper disposal.

Safe Plants & Lawn Care

Your yard can be a source of hazards, and it is good to think through all the natural elements of your yard. Consider the plants in your yard, from bushes that have thorns to plants that may be toxic to children or pets.

A big issue can be chemicals used in your lawn, from grub killer to weed killers. Be sure to use and store products carefully and store them in a safe place. You may also want to consider an eco-friendly yard, and use non-toxic pesticides and herbicides.

Lighting & Home Security

Both lighting and home security systems can help to keep your home safe. Appropriate lighting increases visibility around your home, with a reduced risk of accidents from low lighting.  It also