There is little doubt that Aluminet shade cloth is the most preferred variety of shade cloth today. It does not only block sun rays but also reflects sunlight thereby making shades cooler. When sunlight bounces away, the chances of heat transmitting under the cloth reduces thereby causing cooling.

Earlier farmers used different types of materials for shading like breathable materials or fabrics that helped to counter the humidity. They used traditional black cloth for shading that attracted less sunlight. None of these materials are cost-effective nor are these durable and moreover, it does not protect from UV radiation. Aluminet shade materials put all such concerns to rest because it is durable and has excellent properties of UV protection together with the ability to keep the place much cooler.

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The change begins

The advent of Aluminet has highly impacted the shading techniques used in agriculture for protecting crops from natural damage that also has brought about radical changes in agricultural production and techniques. Aluminet shading has empowered farmers who are now able to protect their crops from climate changes in warmer places. Modern day agriculture has become heavily dependent on Aluminite shades and what are the reasons for it will become clear on going through this article.

The spread of greenhouses

Agricultural methods have undergone major changes in order to withstand the effects of climate change. This has resulted in widespread use of greenhouses for producing crops as it provides better protection from strong sunlight, hard winds, heavy rains, and sandstorms. These forces of nature have become very unpredictable and led to rapid temperature changes that affected the production of sensitive crops and even destroyed greenhouses. To protect greenhouses from the fury of nature and to provide a more friendly environment for growing crops it became necessary to provide some coverage for greenhouses. The standard cloth available for covering was not enough to provide the desired protection, but aluminet shade cloths provide the right solution.

Aluminet technology

Aluminet shade cloths manufacturing uses special technology and several layers of durable insulating fabrics with an outer layer of aluminized shade fabric that has high reflection capabilities. This material is ideal for fighting weather damage that results from excessive heat and rapid changes of the environment. The material can effectively counter the temperature changes caused by temperature variations during day and night or caused by climate change. Aluminet shade material is strong enough to withstand strong winds and rain.

Protecting greenhouses

By reflecting the IR radiation of sunlight, Aluminite shade materials offer protection to greenhouses on sunny and hot days. The extent of protection depends on the percentage of Aluminet present in the material that again depends on the density of the aluminum thread used for knitting the fabric.  The fabrics come in different grades based on the extent of light that it allows passing through it. To also increase the longevity of your greenhouse, as oppose to using greenhouse glass opt for plastic windows such as acrylic or polycarbonate to prevent shattering of panels.

The durability of fabrics measured in terms of UV resistance translates into its longevity which is four years.