We’ve all approached the new year with aspirations of big changes in our lives. Finding a new job, losing weight or remembering to send out Christmas cards next year! This year, instead of focusing on something you need to fix, focus on something you can gain: a great singing voice.

Everyone has been gifted a voice that can sing. Some people have chosen to spend time developing their singing. We enjoy listening to these singers. However, with some enjoyable investment of time, anyone can be a vocalist.

Here are three steps to a successful resolution of becoming a better singer.

Step 1: Sing a Song You Love and Repeat

Becoming a better singer comes with confidence and a relaxed approach. This is why singing songs you love is so important. Don’t find something new, or something a friend says is their favourite song. Start singing a song you’ve known for a long time and that makes you happy. But don’t just sing it once. Sing it all the time. You may get partners or a neighbour who gets annoyed. If you do, that means you’re on the right track!

Step 2: Know Your Range

Your range vocal range is the notes you can sing. From the lowest pitch to the highest pitch. Not all singers are the same. Your range may be higher or lower. Your range may also be narrow or wide. There is no ideal range. Whatever range of pitches you have is perfect.

Typically, singers use notes on a piano to label their range. If you can sing the 2nd lowest F on the piano, your range would start at F2. And If the highest note you can sing is the 4th G on the piano, then your range would be F2 and G4.

There are two reasons why it’s helpful to know your range. First, you can use choose songs that match your vocal range. This will make it easier to improve and stay healthy. Second, by knowing your range you can keep track of your vocal health. If you find that your range is reduced, it could mean you are fighting off a cold or bug of some kind. Don’t try to use your full range when it’s not there. Check your range periodically for when it returns. Then you can start singing all your range again. This practice will keep your voice healthy.

Step 3: Get Feedback and Support

Don’t work on your singing in isolation. Find someone you can share your singing with who can give you feedback. The best option is a professional vocal coach. They can give you simple tips and exercises that help you unlock aspects of your voice in a healthy way. You can even do this online at your own pace. There is no need to visit a vocal studio or arrange appointments. 

Whether or not you have a vocal coach, find a friend that sings or join a choir. Singing with other people has many physical and mental health benefits.

With these three steps, you can sing about your new year’s resolution to your friends and family.