The modern world emphasizes things that we may or may not need in our lives. We are encouraged to work hard to buy things we don’t need. There is an importance put upon material things. While the society we live in conditions us in a way that encourages luxury and excess, this doesn’t lead to happiness.

However, we do need certain things. There are essentials in life we can’t do without. You get what you pay for. If you buy cheap things, you might have to replace them in no time. Instead of buying things you don’t need, below are five women’s essentials that you should spend more money on.


One of the most important things you should spend more on is footwear. Your shoes support your entire body. Your feet should be kept comfortable and supported. If you buy cheap shoes, you’ll have to replace them frequently. When you need comfortable shoes for women, you should invest in a good pair. If you have multiple pairs of great footwear, they will all last a lot longer. When it comes to things you should spend money on, shoes, boots, and other footwear should be at the top of the list.


You might have some high-end lingerie, but what about your day-to-day underwear? You wear underwear every day. It should be comfortable, with high-quality materials and a good design. Cheap underwear doesn’t last long at all. Before you know it, there will be a hole in them. When it comes to the money you spend on essentials, investing a little more in your underwear is a good call. In the end, you will actually spend less because you will be buying a high-quality product.


There is a huge separation between high-end denim and the cheap stuff. A lot of companies have defaulted to manufacturing cheap denim, and they’re not even affordable enough to warrant it. Instead of dealing with some bad denim, spending a bit more on the material will go a long way.

You will have the pants, jacket, or another denim item for a lot longer. Don’t settle for cheap jeans. Buy something more expensive. It will last longer and help you avoid constantly replacing ripped and worn jeans. Denim used to be a high-end product. We should still treat it that way.

Skincare Products

You’re probably thinking, “skincare products aren’t cheap” and that’s true. However, the low-end of this market gets too much business because they present as better than they are. You should think about spending more on skincare products. With high-quality skincare items, you won’t use as much because they are effective. You will also see results. Your skin deserves high-end products so you can properly take care of it. You shouldn’t waste your time with cheap stuff. Instead, invest in skincare products that’ll help you look and feel great in your skin.


If you have a prescription and wear glasses, you shouldn’t buy cheap ones. Whether you need reading glasses or have a prescription you need all the time, investing in a good pair of glasses is the way to go. Nice glasses will last a lot longer. They won’t break as easily. They’re made with better materials. They’re more durable. Even if you can’t afford a designer pair of glasses, you should spend more money on them. Don’t buy cheap glasses. Invest in something that will last you a while.

When it comes to essentials, you should make sure to invest in the right stuff. If you buy cheap things, you will be replacing it in not too long. You will notice the difference between good quality products and bad quality ones. Whether it’s a pair of shoes, some glasses, underwear, or skincare products, you can find the right product for any use.

We live in a world that emphasizes certain products and luxuries. Of course, to a certain extent we all want luxury, but it’s important to start with the basics. When you invest more in the products you need, they’ll last a lot longer. You will have a better perspective on what you want and what you need. Spend money on the things that matter and you will see the difference.