If you are struggling to balance home heating with energy bills this winter, you are in the right place; with a few smart changes, you can benefit from more heat for less. In this article, you can discover some tried and true strategies for keeping your home winter warm for the festive fun.

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Boiler Checks 

If there’s one thing you rely on more than anything else in the winter, it’s the boiler. No matter what type of boiler you have, a combination boiler, a regular boiler, system boiler, or a biomass boiler, the system is the heart of the home and what you need to generate heat in the winter. Boiler checks are needed but remember; a boiler can only be checked by a professional boiler engineer.  

Regardless of the boiler type, the system needs to be checked at least once a year by a professional, and it’s best to do this at the start of the winter season. The last thing you need is for your boiler to malfunction in the depths of winter, and a simple check can eliminate many of the issues. If you can’t have it checked, then find the number of an emergency engineer.

Heavy Curtains 

Generating heat is the main goal in winter to maintain warmth and comfort throughout the festive season; however, there are more efficient and less efficient ways of generating and maintaining pleasant temperatures in the home. One of the best strategies is to make sure you have adequate insulation in your home, so you can invest in insulation or hang heavy curtains. 

If installing insulation is out of your price range at the moment, the next best option is to hang heavy curtains to trap the heat you generate. Coupled with draft excluders, heavy curtains are very effective at preventing heat loss through the windows and reducing your energy bills. If you want to hang heavy curtains this winter, you will need some high-quality Curtain Rods as well. 

Loft Insulation 

Hanging heavy curtains is a cost-effective way to improve the comfort of your home in winter, but if you have more time and more budget, you might consider taking the next step and installing some better loft insulation. According to more estimates, around one-quarter of the home’s heat is lost through the roof because heat rises and loft insulation is poor, so target here.  

When you insulate the loft, it prevents heat from escaping from the rooms below, altering the thermostat and reducing your energy bills. There are different types of loft insulation to choose from, each with its advantages and drawbacks. Select blanket insulation that is fitted between the joists, loose-fill insulation, insulation boards, or brown fiber, depending on requirements.   

Smart Thermostat 

A thermostat is a system that controls the heating and energy usage of the home. In older homes, the thermostats are located on the radiators or on the wall. Conventional thermostats control the heating because they don’t have the capability to make automated adjustments like a smart thermostat. A smart system is worth investing in for the efficiency of the home. 

A smart thermostat can monitor the heating controls in your home and make decisions about the heat levels based on what rooms are in use and which are empty. In most cases, a smart thermostat system can be controlled from an app on a smartphone, allowing you to adjust and control the heating of your home when you are in the office or on a night out with your friends. 

Renewable Energy 

In the winter, we often think about gas usage, but electricity is becoming more important. Not only is gas running out and difficult to acquire, but electricity can be sustainably sourced, making it a more viable long-term option. This is good news if you want to stay warm in winter; boiling a kettle and using a hot water bottle is an excellent way to stay warm for less in the cold months. 

If you think that using a hot water bottle more often sounds inconvenient, consider the savings you can make each month on your energy bills. Additionally, using a hot water bottle is an excellent way to warm up the body. In some ways, the body is like a radiator, so when you place a water bottle at your feet, the blood flow filters the heat through it like a heating system.  

Final Thoughts 

With rising energy prices and the increase in the general cost of living, it’s more challenging to keep your home warm in winter. However, with a few smart changes, you can improve the comfort of your home and reduce your energy bills to bring your winter life back into balance.