Model railroading, or railwaying as some people like to call it, has been around for a long time and is a hobby for many. It is an artistic way of presenting model house kits and trains using arts and crafts. For a long time now, professionals and train enthusiasts have derived pleasure from developing small scale rail systems using toy trains.

Even more fascinating is the fact that there are no age requirements or skills required to engage in this hobby. When you engage in railwaying, you are simply recreating history with trains. You also learn about construction, design work, intricate engineering, and the overall art of developing rail lines from scratch.

Despite being a long known hobby for years, it appears that it is making a comeback, as seen in the recent popularity surge. But why?

Here are reasons why railwaying is seeing a rise in popularity – once again.

Reasons Why Model Railwaying – As A Hobby – Is Making A Comeback

The Pandemic

The pandemic of 2020 caused governments across the world to initiate social distancing and isolation regulations to check the spread of the disease. Families had to stay home for several months. To keep themselves busy, they engaged in different indoor activities; some people even learned new skills and took up new hobbies, one of which was model railroading. 

2020 saw many families engage in this hobby more than ever before. Parents and their kids, grandparents and their grandchildren all engaged in railroading to pass the time, which was surely rewarding. It has remained popular, and as other families see and read about family recreations on the tracks, they take up the hobby as well.

Educational Value

Another reason why it is witnessing a popularity surge is the educational value it brings. Schools and administrators are beginning to see the value in teaching children construction skills at a young age. Even adults are not left out. You don’t need to understand civil engineering to build a model railroad, but you learn the basics and some of the construction elements.

How payloads work and bow trains move on tracks are some of the things you learn. Students also learn science, geography, and topography when building their own railroads; the lessons learned can serve the child for years. It also teaches adherents the value of decision making, sticking to timelines, setting goals, and setting complex problems.

More Efficient

Model trains and railroads have come a very long way since the 1800s when they were first designed in Germany, and they were old fashioned model trains that required a lot of effort to build and maintain. Then came the hand powered model trains built by the French boasting lavish decorations. England joined the movement with the first ever steam powered train models. However, the steak trains left water marks wherever they passed.

The maintenance requirement made model railroading a stressful hobby, so many shied away from it. But modern model train manufacturers have improved because of the technology of yesteryears by making the train more efficient and effective. The American model industry has come up with more modern and advanced recreation of modern trains with powerful motors, making them more durable. 

The new development has made them more popular than ever, and more people can afford them.

Large Network

Another reason for its popularity is that modern models now have a larger network. Different model railway associations have sprung up in different states and regions, especially in the West. These networks of association form clubs, offer support services, and host events and fairs to celebrate the creative art of their members. They even have a magazine dedicated to model railroading.

These activities have only made it more popular and attracted new members to join the trend. Today, it is more than a fun activity but an opportunity for people to make new friends.

It is Fun

Last but not least is the fun benefits hobbyist derive from the art. Many people looking for smart ways to enjoy their time indoors are turning to model trains. Building your own railway and model trains from scratch may take a lot of time and resources, but the final product can be both rewarding and satisfying. Not to mention the fun you derive during the process. Having to come up with new ideas and design is something many find quite stimulating. Furthermore, railroading doesn’t have to be a single activity but can be done in groups too. Inviting friends over to handle a model railroad project allows friends and family to bond over train tracks.

You can pick up a new hobby, and who says you have to go outdoors? Model railroading is a new fun activity in many households, and you can engage in it as well. Get the tools and resources you need and build a model railway that will impress your guests and friends alike. Time on the tracks, dear friend, is time well spent.