When you hear the word “Victorian,” what comes to mind? A bunch of old, stuffy people? A long, black dress that goes down to the floor? Or maybe a kimono or an oversized t-shirt with a braided hair bun. If you’re picturing these things, you’ve got it all wrong! Come on and learn how to dress like a modern Victorian lady in these easy steps.

1. Choose clothing that gives the impression of Victorian-era style

Modern Victorian ladies are all about being modest. To dress like a modern lady in a Victorian style, you’ll want to choose clothing that covers a lot of skin and is loose-fitting. The first step to dressing like a modern lady is to wear long skirts and big sleeves. In the Victorian era, women wore floor-length dresses that covered their arms and legs entirely, which is why you should always wear floor-length skirts if you want to be a true “lady.

2. Choose the right sorts of fabrics

Victorian dresses in fabrics such as velvet, brocade, and satin. The colors you choose will give your clothes an appropriate Victorian look. You can pair a boldly patterned dress with a high neckline that shows off hair accessories and a heavy belt. If you want a beautiful, elegant look, wear an intricate floral or lace-patterned dress with a sparkly necklace and gold jewelry.

3. Prepare an appropriate hairdo

Victorian ladies wore their hair in elaborate victorian hairstyles, and if you want to dress like a modern lady, fashioning elegant hairstyles is one of the first things you should learn. Modern Victorian ladies can wear charming updos and natural hairstyles that show off the beauty of their faces.

4. Adapt your make-up

The Victorian era was an era of beauty, and modern Victorian ladies could get this look by wearing face paint, heavy blusher, and pearl or sequin jewelry. You should also wear eyeliner with eye shadow that matches your hair color. Be sure to put on adhesive makeup before you put on the foundation.

5. Choose some signature pieces of jewelry

Victorian ladies wore all sorts of victorian accessories, such as victorian hats, victorian gloves, victorian corsets, and jewelry. If you want to dress like a modern lady, you’ll want to find the right accessories for your outfit. In the Victorian era, people used victorian umbrellas to protect their skin from the sun. Parasols have come back into fashion in recent years, and modern Victorian ladies can use them to protect their skin from sun damage.

6. Be an authentic Victorian

To dress like a modern lady, you’ll first want to be authentic. The best way to consider how authentic your clothing was early in the Victorian era was by wearing dresses made exclusively for women. This means the dress should have sleeves and an ankle-length skirt, the basics of late Victorian fashion. The color of your dress should match your skin tone, which means that many ladies prefer pastels with a hint of red or blue.

Dressing like a modern lady in Victorian style is not as complicated as you might think because the fundamentals of Victorian fashion are still around today. Modern Victorian ladies can get this look by choosing clothes that show an air of refinement, such as floor-length skirts and loose-fitting clothing. There’s no reason why anyone can’t try their hand at it. All you have to do is take the time to choose the right accessories, find a suitable color scheme, and pick out some cute outfits.