Knowing what to get your mom for Christmas can be a daunting task every year. If that is your experience then you have come to the right place. In this article, we list a whole range of different Christmas gift ideas you can consider for your mum.

We include a range of gift ideas and gifts for less than $500. This way, no matter what your budget is there will be some suggestions you can consider for your mom.

Free Gifts

Baked Goods

Though baked goods do require some ingredients which would cost money, they are essentially considered a present for your mom that does not cost anything because you usually have those ingredients at home already. 

Whether your mum loves biscuits or cakes, or some other delicacy, by making and giving your mom something you have baked she only gets to enjoy the baked goods but gets to enjoy the sentiment that you have personally gone to the effort to make these things for her.

Baked goods can often make the best Christmas gifts for mom


In a similar fashion, but not food-related – arts or crafts that you have created can be a great gift for your mom. They allow you to add a personalised touch to the work of art, and express your love through your creativity.

If you have kids you can get them to assist in painting, drawing and writing and include those in the gift for something extra special.


IOUs are a great way to show your mom how much you love her. The IOU may have a dull value attached to it but it costs nothing to give the IOU at Christmas time. you could be something as simple as vouchers for you to go and do some jobs for her so she doesn’t have to do it. they could be around things that you both can do together as a special quality time event. they could also be things that you will do on her behalf for her benefit and pleasure.

With IOUs, the only limit is your imagination.

Gifts Under $500

Travel Voucher

Providing your mom with some form of travel voucher can be an affordable yet exciting gift. It may be something as simple as a weekend away nearby in a nice cottage, or it could be a few nights at a resort. Depending on what your mom likes you can customize a travel voucher, depending on her preferences.


A jewellery voucher can be a fantastic Christmas present. You can get quite nice pieces of jewellery, for an affordable price that will make your mom feel very loved and very special.

Jewellery gifts allow you to show your mom how well you know her but choosing the type of jewellery she likes, made of the type of gold she likes, and including, the types of stones she likes.


Depending on your mother’s interests there may be some type of gadget that she would like and be excited to receive as a gift.

In some cases, this may be some form of kitchen gadget, but you need to be very careful that this is something your mom would want and be excited by, otherwise, it may be considered an inappropriate gift.

Day Spa Experience

If your mom enjoys being pampered, then the gift of a day spa session could be very well received. Though she won’t get the experience at the time of gift giving the voucher or commitment you make to her regarding this will give her a sense of joy and anticipation as she looks forward to the experience.

A day spa experience can be customised to cater to your mom’s preferences whether she is more into massage and physical therapy treatments or would appreciate a thorough skin cleanse.

There are so many variations when it comes to a day at the spa, you could surely find an option that would excite your mother.

Family Photo Event

Photographs can hold significant sentimental value, so taking the time to organise a specific event where your whole family will be there and organising and paying for a photographer to come and take the photos, could be a priceless present for your mom.

She will not only get to enjoy the day itself being with her family and having the photos taken, but she will then have those photos to keep that will remind her of that day, for the rest of her life.


There are thousands of amazing gifts you could get your mom for Christmas. Whether you spend no money, or spend lots of money, the most important thing is how much thought and care goes into the gift you choose. Whether you choose something from this list or whether this list inspires you to do something else, make sure whatever you give your mum has your personal touch written all over it.