There’s the bride who spends two years planning her wedding. The majority of brides fall somewhere in the middle, but all three planning scenarios share one essential element: a two-week leading up to the wedding that is jam-packed with unplanned planning duties, stress, and complete panic.

Many activities take place at this time, including selecting suppliers, purchasing wedding attire, and sending out invites.

Getting near the home stretch? Whether you’ve always been Miss Organized or are just starting off, we can help.

  1. Call your family and friends as support 

It’s time to spread the joy, even if you’ve been a one-woman (or, alright, one-couple) planning to show up until this time crunch. Everyone who has been requesting assistance—bridesmaids, mum, friends—should be called up to the task. 

They can call your band, DJ, photographer, and transportation provider to check hours and arrangements, help you create escort cards, make and package favors and gifts, organize speeches, and more.

  1. Get your marriage license

Sadly, you can’t obtain your marriage license until much later in the process, and in most cases, it is only valid for a short time, so you must visit the city hall soon after your wedding. Call beforehand to determine the cost and confirm that you have all the required paperwork.

  1. Double-Check All the Attire You’ll Need 

When you go for your final dress fitting, don’t forget to bring the undergarments you’ll wear on your wedding day. Before the wedding bells ring, you must complete a lot of work. Among many other things, making sure you look your best on your special day is important. 

There are a lot of tastings, and you’re probably stressed about planning your day down to the last detail. Why not reduce your tension by selecting the right wedding shapewear to make you look gorgeous? Do you have a perfect posture on a regular basis? 

Low back shapewear’s cozy style softly helps you into the proper posture so you may maintain your tall, self-assured look. It is hard to slouch on your wedding day due to the additional tightness on your back and stomach. When everyone is staring at you as you walk down the aisle, the bridal body shaper will help you seem flawless. You don’t want to look slouchy in any of those wedding shots. 

Take a few laps around the house in your wedding shoes to avoid big-day blisters that can seriously impede your style. Think about additional wardrobe things that you and your groom will require.

  1. Wedding Makeup Essentials

The photographed day of your life will be your wedding day, and those images will be cherished forever. What’s in your beauty kit is key to achieving a beautiful bridal beauty look. 


Much as its name would suggest, the foundation sets the tone for your bridal makeup. Your choice of foundation will depend on your skin type and whether you like a formula with full coverage or a more sheer finish. 

Liquid foundations are easy to apply and provide the most “natural” finishes; they are what most brides choose to buy.

Setting Powder

Use a pressed or loose setting powder to seal your foundation and concealer. Look for products with many uses that may blur and decrease shine with a single brushstroke while soaking up extra oils to produce a perfect finish.


Mascara is a must-have item in your bridal cosmetic kit, whether you want to add length or a little volume. Before applying false lashes (if that’s what you’re going for), add a few swipes of your go-to and subtly darken your lower lashes for an added density boost.


Lipstick is essential in your bridal cosmetic kit because it completes your makeup look. To facilitate rapid post-meal or champagne reapplications, we advise having a tube available during the activities. Sadly, it can be challenging to select just one formula because there are so many options available (matte, satin, gloss, etc.).

  1. Get Honeymoon-Ready

 Call to confirm your travel plans and pack (or, if you’ll have plenty of time after the wedding to do this task, gather the clothes you’re bringing with you for your trip). Also, be sure that you and your fiancé know where they are.  

  1. Put Together a Big-Day Emergency Kit

The bag may “include everything from hairspray, extra pantyhose and combs, antacid, nail polish, breath freshener, a small sewing kit, spare earring backs, safety pins, and deodorant. Even if brides never use the items in their kits, having everything on hand makes them more at ease and enjoy themselves. The hassle is worthwhile.

Final thought

To plan the big day’s schedule and identify potential hitches, sit with your fiancé, your parents, and the officiant. Write down each step if you think it would be useful. 

Make sure that each wedding party member is well aware of their duties and the places and times they must be there.