If the lovebug has recently bitten you, you may have a bundle of nervous energy when trying to decide what type of gift to buy them.

Perhaps you want to put money toward something personal but unassuming. However, you aren’t sure what that should be. And although Cupid didn’t provide a list of your sweetheart’s favorite things, you can still win brownie points with your new flame when gifting them something special.

Consider these four romantic gifts for new relationships.

1. A Mini Polaroid Camera

If your significant other loves exploring new cities and places of interest, present them with an instant mini camera for capturing memories as a couple. Consider creating an Instagram account designated for your journeys and where you can upload photos for viewing. The polaroid camera can be used for film-printed photos as well by either uploading them to your computer or transferring them via Bluetooth through an app. Your sweetheart will likely enjoy creating storyboards with pictures, and it’s a great way to organize your adventures into a visual display. Say cheese!

2. Sugar and Spice Lingerie

Searching for a festive and joyful holiday gift this Christmas? Think about buying her some racy unmentionables for a fun and delightful treat. There’s no need to worry about coal in your stocking when you give your other half sexy Christmas lingerie that’s guaranteed to spice up the holiday cheer. Choose from leather and lace combinations in short sets, teddies, or baby doll sets. Then, complete the look with a fur-trimmed robe in angelic white that adds a classic and romantic style to any lingerie set. Last but certainly not lacking in holiday appeal, consider a pair of satin pajamas for a good night’s sleep — or a good warm cuddle — for those brisk winter nights.

3. An Adventure Journal

Say your relationship is just starting, but you already know it will be filled with grand adventures. If that’s the case, present your significant other with an adventure journal for recording the fun places and events you explore together. An adventure journal is a great way to store memories and makes for a wonderful conversation starter. Make sure to include photos that can be placed in the middle of the page or create a storyboard collage. On Christmas Eve, grab some hot cocoa and snuggle by the fire while reviewing your year’s adventures. Or, talk about all the things you plan to fill the pages with during the coming year!

4. Long-Distance Relationship Lamp

Thanks to technology, maintaining a long-distance relationship is easier than ever. Still, if the love of your life lives miles away, you may experience many sleepless nights without them by your side. In that vein, gift them a long-distance relationship lamp that turns on the minute you flip the switch on yours. It’s a thoughtful and unique gift that will always let your sweetheart know when you’re thinking of them. And the lamps work regardless of location — as long as you’re connected to Wi-Fi.

Give Gifts with Cheer

Your new relationship will be cheerful when you consider giving any of these presents this holiday season or whenever the moment seems right. Look for meaning in the gifts you give, and let your heart be filled with joy as you celebrate your new relationship. It’s martinis and mistletoe time!