While many people feel uncomfortable thinking about it, the simple truth is this: everyone ages, and one day, everyone passes away. If you’re lucky, you might remain healthy, capable, and independent right until the end of your life. However, many elderly people become reliant on friends, family, and carers as they age, which can put pressure on loved ones in some cases.

It’s not the most pleasant thought, but there are still some sensible steps you can take today to help you avoid becoming too much of a burden to your kids or other loved ones as you age. Moreover, nobody knows what the future holds, so doing these things at any age is a smart idea. 

Clear out the stuff you don’t need

Pretty much everyone accumulates junk throughout their lives. Still,you’ll be doing your kids a massive favor if you clear it out now rather than leaving them to do it for you when you’re no longer capable or simply not around anymore.

Choose a home that’s better suited to an older person

While you might be attached to your current home, as you age and your kids leave, you’ll need far less space, and navigating or cleaning a large house will likely become a much greater challenge. Instead, consider downsizing to smaller, more manageable accommodation – ideally without stairs and equipped with handrails or an adapted bathroom. 

Alternatively, depending on what stage you’re at in life and the level of support you might already need, you could look at residential care homes that have skilled staff ready to help you make the most of your days. Services like the assisted living Ramsey, Minnesota has are excellent examples of what to look for in terms of care for elderly residents while still allowing them a great quality of life and independence. 

Respect the wishes of your children

Don’t try and force your ideas on your kids. For example, by insisting they visit you or that you go and live with them as you get older. If there’s one surefire way to make yourself a burden, it’s by not respecting the wishes and independence of your children. 

Get your affairs in order

While they aren’t the easiest things to talk about and confirm, you must ensure you have a will and have discussed power of attorney, end-of-life care, etc. These aren’t decisions that can be left to your children, so it’s essential everyone knows what will happen and has a crystal-clear idea of what your wishes are now.

Discuss your funeral, cremation, and burial preferences 

Not everyone knows or has considered the type of funeral they might prefer, but it’s important to consider it before you’re incapable or not around anymore. Look at your options and decide which suits you best. If you follow a religion, deciding on your funeral will probably be easier, and you will likely have a relatively clear idea of how you want your service to run and where. However, again, it’s important you share this information with your kids. 

Losing a parent is already a traumatic enough experience without leaving your kids to sort out what kind of funeral you would have preferred and whether you would want to be buried or cremated and get a headstone company in Mason Ohio.