Traveling long distances using easy and fast transportation to the destination is an option for most people. The airplane is one of the fastest means of transportation to reach the destination. When going on vacation abroad, this transportation is more widely used.

Sleeping on the plane may be an option for passengers to get around so that the trip doesn’t feel far and boring. However, not all passengers can sleep well, especially if they use economy class seats. So, here are some tips to sleep well on the plane.

Avoid Excessive Sugar Consumption

By consuming sugar you will sit for a long time, and during the trip, you do not use much energy. Sweet or salty foods and drinks will cause bloating in the stomach. This bloating will make you feel uncomfortable and even difficult to rest. It’s good to consume sugar in moderation and consume water and foods with lots of fiber.

Wear Loose Shoes

When traveling on a long plane, it’s best to wear comfortable and slightly loose shoes. Wearing shoes that fit too well will make your feet feel swollen when you travel by plane. So you should use shoes that are a little loose and comfortable and adjust to the socks you want to use.

Choose Seat

When you want to travel far by plane, it’s a good idea to book a seat wisely. Choose a seat near the window so you can lean against the wall. Use a neck pillow or pillow provided by the airline to support your head against the wall.

Move Body

Enter the boarding gate and pre-check the flight to ensure a smooth journey. Take a few moments to move the body, for example with arm push-ups. Drink as much water as possible to stay hydrated.

Bring a Travel Pillow and Blindfold

Bring a Travel Pillow

Some people will probably bring a travel pillow. Should adjust to the size of the place on the plane, not too big or too small. Try using PineTales alone to get a good sleep on the plane.

Eye and ear cover

Eye and earplugs are a must-have item when traveling on a long plane. This will help you reduce the noise on the plane. Blindfolds can be used when you want to have a good rest without disturbing light.

Use Jacket

Use a jacket that has many pockets inside that can fit many necessities such as glasses, hand sanitizer, eye masks, earplugs, and other necessities. The jacket can also be folded up to be used as an in-flight pillow.

Healthy Food Consumption

The vacation mentality can start at the airport, and there may be times when you get careless about what you put in your stomach. Maybe if this happens you will regret that when the stomach turbulence occurs, you will feel bad. Try to make healthy food choices and avoid foods high in sugar and heavy carbohydrates.

Keep Calm

If you’re stuck in the middle seat or feel scared when you’re on an airplane, don’t be afraid. What you can do is focus on your mindset, don’t think too much about something negative that doesn’t necessarily happen. If possible do meditation to calm the mind. Meditation is the key to comfort and to getting a comfortable sleep on the plane. Using aromatherapy essential oils under your nostrils can also make you more relaxed.

Wear Nice Clothes

Wear comfortable clothes when traveling on a long plane. Wear a comfortable T-shirt and loose clothing. Choose a good layer of clothing because the temperature of the aircraft is sometimes unpredictable.

So, here are some ways to sleep well on the plane. Try to prepare yourself as best you can, take care of your health, and bring things as necessary. If you feel sick or feel uncomfortable, you should tell the flight crew.