Congratulations! Your baby has hit the year mark. Now, all you need is to throw a unique birthday party to celebrate with your friends and family.  

You’ve probably made lots of plans. You’ve settled on the birthday location and the cake flavor. But have you thought of a theme? Do you have one in mind, or are you contemplating one? What about the outfit? If you’re yet to choose the first birthday theme, here are some unique ones that can transform the birthday into an experience. It might also be a good idea to check out these first birthday outfits to complement your theme of choice.

  1. Transportation First Birthday Theme

Transportation first birthday is an ideal birthday theme for young ones who are fond of cars. For this theme to succeed, ensure to dress the birthday baby in a t-shirt with trucks or cars. Fortunately, you don’t have to break a sweat to find such t-shirts since there are plenty on the market. Once the dressing is done, decorate their chair with a vehicle-shaped banner. When it comes to cake decoration, you can order a cake designed in the form of a vehicle or go for a typical cake and place a car on top of it. To wrap it up, choose vehicle toys and put them in a play area for every little guest.  

  1. Space First Birthday Theme

Out-of-the-world first birthday theme is a beautiful and unique birthday party for a one-year-old. You can use balloons from North Shore Balloon to create a space illusion. As for the cookies, have them made in star, sun, and quarter moon forms. Take the party a notch higher by having older kinds create a solar system using balloons, crayons, and paper. You can also incorporate space-themed background songs to bring the illusion into reality.  

  1. Storybook First Birthday Theme

Does your baby love bedtime stories? If yes, why not throw a storybook-themed first birthday? All you need is to select their favorite bedtime story, design a birthday around it, and you’re good to go. One detail you need to take care of is plucking some pages from the storybook and hanging them around the house and your baby’s bedroom. Decorate the birthday cake with their favorite characters. During the ceremony, read the story dramatically to heighten your baby’s happiness. Also, once the party is over, gift each child a copy of the storybook.  

  1. Soccer-Themed First Birthday

Is your baby a soccer lover? If yes, consider throwing a soccer-themed first birthday in their honor. This theme is perfect, especially if the birthday is on a sunny day. Dress your baby in a soccer jersey, then have one for each birthday attendee. To increase the fun level, provide soccer balls for little ones and adults. Allow the kids to play with the balls as they see fit, while adults can engage in competitive soccer games. Regarding treats, prepare soccer ball-shaped cookies and order a similar cake.  

  1. Princess-Themed First Birthday

Your little princess deserves it! Throw her a princess-themed first birthday because she’s a princess. Decorate the house with pink bands and balloons. The cake should be in the form of a vast castle. Let the cupcakes have crowns on top. When it comes to serving tea for older attendees, do so in teacups, beautiful enough to be in the presence of a princess.  

  1. Donut-Themed First Birthday

A donut-themed first birthday is an ideal theme for a parent looking for simplicity. With a donut-themed birthday party, making invites is relatively easy. Regarding the food, it’s even easier since you can decide to serve huge plates of different flavored and colored donuts. As for the beverage, consider settling for milk, coffee, and tea.

  1. Mermaid-Themed First Birthday

Concentrate on the mermaid tail. Decorate the invitations and the cake with a beautiful mermaid tail. As for the decorations, use aquatic colors for the balloons or nets and shells for a room transformation. You can also consider mermaid coloring as part of the entertainment. If the birthday is on a sunny day, let the children enjoy themselves in the pool using mermaid dolls.

  1. Dinosaur-Themed Birthday Party

While your baby might be unable to pronounce the word dinosaur, it doesn’t mean you can’t throw them a dinosaur-themed birthday. Start with invites bearing the word ‘roar,’ then design and dinosaur-shaped cake. If that’s a challenge, order a typical birthday cake and top it with paper cutouts shaped like dinosaurs. You can also purchase a huge dinosaur balloon and dolls for babies to play with.  


A child’s first birthday is as important as the first day they step out of their mother’s womb. You want to do everything to make the day special. With the above-discussed first birthday themes, you can throw a birthday party to make the day memorable for years to come. Remember, you should always feed your baby healthy food regardless of the occasion to avoid health issues.