Buying birthday gifts for our kids can be more than a little stressful. We always want to get them something they want rather than need. Even though we know our kids better than anyone, it can be a challenge to find a suitable gift you your son.

man riding ATV during daytime
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Here are a few great birthday gift ideas that you might like to consider.

  1. An Off-Road Quad – Search online for children’s petrol quad bikes and find the perfect starter machine to introduce your son to motoring at an early age. For example, Quadbikes R Us has kids quads for sale which you can purchase for a reasonable price. They can even help you with the financing options on offer. Kids start riding at around 8 years old and the first quad would have a small 50-80cc engine, which is governed down to restrict the power. An online dealer’s website is full of new and used kid’s quads. You should take your son to the venue, where he can try various quads for size and suitability. Let’s not forget that you also have to invest in protective clothing and equipment and until your son is 16 years old, he won’t be able to ride a quad on the roads.
  2. Tablet – While as a parent, you do need to watch how much time your son spends online, but if he doesn’t have a tablet, why not buy him an iPad? Teach him how to self-learn with Google and install some apps that will help with schoolwork and no son would be unhappy with the gift of a tablet. If your son is always wanting to use your laptop, buying him his own digital device is the perfect solution. 
  3. Drone – Drones are all the rage nowadays. A starter model would be more than adequate, at least until he learns how to fly the device. Make sure you choose a drone that can handle a few crashes, as this is likely to happen a few times. Who knows, you might get interested in drone flying and you can both enjoy your hobby. Just make sure that you follow the laws regarding drones in your local area. There are many drone suppliers online and you should read a few reviews before making a choice.
  4. Beginner’s Course in MMA – Everyone should know how to defend themselves and if your son shows an interest in combat sports, why not give him a subscription for a 3-month MMA starter course. He might really like it and go on to compete and even elevate to the heights of MMA fighters. You can also find great apparel and accessories at this mma gear store.
  5. An Experience Gift – It isn’t only adults that can enjoy a gift experience. Your son could spend the day at a go-kart track or even have a flying experience in a light aircraft. In many ways, giving an experience is something the recipient will treasure in the years to come. Google ‘experience gifts’ and see what they have that would be suitable for your son.

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As we all know, children love birthdays. If you would like to surprise your son this year with an amazing gift, any of the above can fit the bill.