Keeping your work truck clean is a challenge. Fuel, oil, and grime are a constant threat to any truck, but especially one you use for personal trips as well as work. Keeping it clean becomes even more challenging when the truck isn’t just used by you but also stored in your driveway. And that’s where we come in with our tips for keeping your work truck clean enough for family trips. We get it: You don’t have time to scrub down your ride every night before heading home from the office or an afternoon of errands. And if you store your work truck at home (even if it’s in the garage), you probably don’t want to make cleaning it a nightly ritual. Here are some simple tricks and tips we recommend using to keep your work truck clean enough for family trips.

Wash Off the Grime On the Jobsite

If you’re driving your work truck daily, you can’t really avoid getting grime all over the truck. But if you’re able to wash it off on the job site, you won’t have to worry about keeping the rest of your truck clean. When you’re on the Jobsite, make sure to use the appropriate cleaning products. This way, you won’t have to worry about damaging your paint job or interior. You also want to make sure you’re rinsing off your work truck properly. If you work near salt water, for example, then the paint on your work truck is likely going to take a bigger hit than those who live in the middle of the US.

Start with a Completely Clean Truck

If you want to keep your work truck clean enough for family trips, don’t start with a dirty truck. Just like you wash your hands before touching food, you don’t want to use a dirty truck for anything, especially not for trips with your family. Start with a clean truck by washing it thoroughly after every use. Make sure you get everything clean, so you start with a clean palate. For example, if you drive a truck, make sure you get each of your Ford F150 accessories clean, too, not just the outside of your truck. 

Whether you’re taking a client out for drinks, driving to the grocery store, going to a job site daily, or just commuting to work, your truck is getting dirty. Start with a thorough cleaning every evening before you walk away from your work truck for the day. You can even set up a cleaning ritual that takes just a few minutes. 

Use a Towel to Wipe Up Messes Immediately

You’ll inevitably get some mud on your truck while driving to and from work. If it’s a light dusting, you can wipe it off with a simple cloth. If you have kids, you might want to keep rags or towels in the truck so they can wipe up spills and crumbs immediately. This way, you don’t have to worry about it staining the upholstery. Keep a microfiber cloth in your truck’s glove compartment for particularly messy situations. It will catch most of the dirt and dust without leaving behind lint.

Shake Out Your Mats and Vacuum Regularly

Make sure your foot mats are completely clean before storing them. And be sure to vacuum the rest of your truck regularly as well. You can use a vacuum with a rotating brush attachment to scrub down the mats. Use the attachment to clean the rest of the truck, too. Keep a rag with you to wipe off the steering wheel and armrest. You can also store a bottle of water in your truck to spray off the dash and wipe down the door handles. You can even make this part of your nightly cleaning ritual if you want.

Use Quality Products on All Aspects of Your Truck

If you want to keep your work truck clean enough for family trips, use quality products on all aspects of your truck. 

For your interior: Use a high-quality fabric protectant on your seats. You’ll want to keep them clean and protected. You can also use a protectant on your dashboard to make cleaning it easier. You might also want to consider keeping a truck air freshener in your truck. 

For your exterior: Using a high-quality truck wash and wax can help maintain the shine of the paint. It also makes it easier to remove dirt and grime from the exterior of your truck. Avoid using a brush and sponge on your paint job. 

Final Thoughts

Keeping your work truck clean enough for family trips is a challenge, but it’s one you can overcome. Start with a completely clean truck and use a variety of cleaning products to clean up messes immediately. Use quality products on all aspects of your truck, and you’ll notice a big difference.