Florida is a great place to live, thanks to its many beaches. The state is located in the South Eastern part of the US, with the Gulf of Mexico on one side and the Atlantic on the other. This sunshine state receives many visitors who become residents thanks to its sandy beaches, sunny weather, diversity, and exciting attraction sites.

However, moving to Florida from New Jersey is stressful regardless of its beauty. There are many things to juggle, from selling your home to settling in a new home and finding employment. In addition, if you have school-going kids, you must factor in their enrolment in a new school. Furthermore, packing and moving are tedious and time-consuming.

So, moving to Florida from New Jersey requires adequate preparation and research for a smooth transition. Here’s what you need to know about moving to Florida.

1. Research its Cities

Initial research can save you lots of time. First, search online for popular destinations and what they offer their residents. This way, you can choose the city that best resonates with you. Some websites provide a detailed list of the growing East and West Coast cities that experience massive surges in the number of people moving to them and the average cost of capital for each city.

This research also helps you understand the real estate prices in different cities. As a result, moving to Florida from New Jersey becomes easy because you can choose the Florida coast you prefer without driving around the state. So, once you find your ideal destination, research deeper on the accolades it has received in the years and the city’s lifestyle, amenities, and healthcare attributes.

2. Look for Employment Opportunities

Although Florida is a great destination for retirees, everyone else needs to find employment after moving to Florida from New Jersey. As part of your research, look into the available careers and jobs in your preferred or neighboring city. Florida’s economy is largely contributed by the tourism and hospitality industry, defense, and real estate.

However, most employment opportunities are found in the larger metropolitan areas because that is where bigger tech, financial, insurance, and healthcare companies are. For retirees, smaller and mid-sized cities are the ideal place to live where employment opportunities are mostly service based to cater to them. So, depending on your career, you can decide to settle in the larger or smaller cities before moving to Florida from New Jersey.

3. Visit the City

After narrowing down your search to one ideal destination, it is only logical to visit the place. Visiting gives you a first-hand experience of the city’s culture, lifestyle, and sites. Visit restaurants, beaches, go on the best shark fishing charter in Tampa and attractions to get a general feel of the city and its traffic. Also, talk with a few people to find out how friendly they are and get insider information about living in that city. Ideally, the visit helps you finalize your moving decision.


Once you find your city of choice and upon visiting, you are convinced that moving from Florida to New Jersey is a great decision, contact a reputable relocation professional to advise you on the best neighborhoods and housing options.