Slot cars are a thrill to kids who love speed. They give your kid a livelier competition challenge. Moreover, they’re better than video games because they reduce kids’ screen time. Riding slot cars enhances your children’s motor skills as they exert effort to keep their cars in the correct lanes. Besides, slot cars help your kids learn hand-eye coordination, risk-reward thinking, and manual dexterity.  

If you’re planning to purchase slot cars for your child, you’re in the right place. Highlighted below are the six best options and some factors to consider.

Factors To Consider When Buying Slot Cars

You must consider some factors to ensure your kids’ slot cars experience is exciting. These are:

  • Age: Your kid needs skills to navigate the turns and ensure their cars remain on track. Doing this could be difficult for younger kids under the age of eight. Nevertheless, if they are below eight years old, consider buying slot cars with less complicated tracks.
  • Space: If you get slot cars with advanced features, you’ll need adequate space for the kids to put their skills into practice. Also, setting up the track and pulling it apart now and then consumes a lot of time. It’s better to reserve some space for the racing and leave them intact throughout, so the kids can have fun as often as they want.

The Options

In the world of technological advancements, your kid’s slot cars come in different types. Here are some of the popular slot cars for kids:

  1. Max Traxxx Tracer Racers RC

If you’re looking for (Radio Controlled) RC slot cars for your kids, this series offers much. This type of racing car comes with glowing streaks of light. The lights can add excitement to your kid’s racing experience. They’re easy to control since they use remote controls, and their speed goes up to 500 miles per hour. These features are a thrill and offer excellent adventure to your kids as they race.    

They also have loops, bridges, and banked corners. Your kids may need concentration to play this game. With practice, they eventually get the hang of things, can upgrade the speed, and fly the cars around quickly after they master the skills. They can dim the lights and work with undercarriage LED lighting. They help trail the iridescent speed lines, and the tracks also glow.

  1. Carrera GO-Pixar Cars Edition

Your kids will undoubtedly enjoy a Disney or Pixar-themed slot car. The best thing about this edition is that it comes in two; two controllers, two metallic car tracks, and two vehicles. Additionally, this edition has high banked curves, junctions, a fly-over, and a loop. 

This car is ideal for beginners since they can control the speed and expand the tracks as they get used to racing. It’s also reasonably priced.

  1. Carrera GO- 62505 Ferrari Race Spirit

This slot car brand closely resembles the ones you see in motorsport, meaning nothing can prevent your kids from going as fast as the Ferrari racers. This series is unbeatable in the tracks. 

The track is expandable and has several lap counters. Your kid can perpetually go on with the race if the cars don’t fall out of the lanes.

  1. Anki Overdrive Starter Kit

This slot car kit is one of the best kid’s drives innovations. With this, your kids can use smartphones to control their robotic supercars around the tracks. Additionally, each supercar has different abilities. This drive goes beyond outpacing and overtaking. It’s the best for competition as the kids can use the unique skills in their cars to blow opponents off their track. They can also play with an Artificial Intelligent (AI) controlled opponent. This kit can teach your kid to be tech savvy.     

  1. Real FX Racing

What sets this kit apart from others is that no mobile device is needed for the gameplay. The remote controls are custom designed to ensure your kid has the best experience on the tracks. The cars have (AI) control to keep each player on track. Thus, you can set up your opponent to lose or slow them down. For instance, you can have oil spills, tire blowouts, and lap times. It also brings out crazy moves and off-track overtaking. These extras make the FX racing more enjoyable.

  1. Hot Wheels AI Intelligent Race System Starter Kit

In making the extra counts, the hot wheels intelligent race stands out. You also get to decide on the race mode and the skill level. It allows your kids to compete at their level of expertise. They can also practice and polish their skills to compete at higher levels. Although your kids have assistance from AI, they’re in charge of the gaming controls.  

The race is full of twists and turns that make the race more enjoyable. Additionally, as the speed increases, it reduces the track assist, thus, giving more power to the kid in control.


Every parent wants their kids to participate in games that keep them fit, think creatively, and showcase their skills. Slot cars are the real deal when it comes to kids’ experiences. Your kids will enjoy the races with all the customization and upgrading available. Their skills and expertise will steer them to a greater level as they grow up. Slot cars bring all the joy, and your kids would want this. It’s all about speed, control, and fun that gets your kids a spot in the slot car races.