We like to explore when we visit Mexico. On our last trip to the Yucatan, we wanted to revisit the town of Homun, which is known for its cenotes. Cenotes are water-filled sinkholes, which make for great places to swim and relax.

We ended up meeting some tourists who referred us to a tour guide in Homun. We drove our rental (from Avant Car Rental) from Merida to Homun, which is just under an hour.

I wasn’t able to find this exact cenote on Google Maps; perhaps because it is so new. I’m sure if you got a local tour in town, they would be able to help you find the cenote.

Our tour guide took us in a cart to Cenote Sastal-Ha. As of July 2022, this was a newly opened cenote.

When we arrived, there was a group already in the cenote, and we were thirsty, so we ordered some cold drinks and relaxed for a few minutes.

Once the other group had left, we entered the cenote.

This is a neat cave-type cenote.

The actual swimming portion of the cenote is fairly small, but it was interesting to visit this type of cave.

The kids enjoyed jumping and diving into Cenote Sastal-Hal.

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There was not a whole lot of space for swimming or jumping, but we had a good time.

Afterwards, it was nice to relax, and also to get something refreshing to drink.

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