We visited the small island of Isla Holbox in Mexico last year, only to learn afterwards that there is an animal shelter, Refugio Animal Holbox, where you can volunteer and take dogs out for walks.  Needless to say, when we returned to the island, it was on our Isla Holbox bucket list!

Isla Holbox is a small island without paved roads or cars, so the main methods of transportation are golf carts, bikes, and on foot. It is a unique place that we have fallen in love with. There are so many great things about this little island!

The Refugio Animal Holbox shelter was founded in 2009, and is the only shelter on the island.

It is located in the downtown area of Holbox, and is easy to get to. We walked there from our hotel.

The Refuge is easy to spot, with bright signs outside.

We brought some donations with us to Refugio Animal Holbox.  There is a wish list posted on their website, and we wanted to bring some items that would be helpful to the rescue. We ended up picking out a variety of items including some cute collars and leashes for both dogs and cats. You can also donate money through their website.

Posted inside the rescue are some rules about walking the dogs, which an employee also went over with us before we went on our walk. The rules are essentially to be careful and aware with the dogs.

The dogs were very excited to have visitors!

An employee chose some dogs for us to take on a walk, and got them ready for us.

The dogs were eager to get outside. We were there in early July, and it was quite hot! We were given poop bags to take on the walk with us.

One of our dogs seemed spooked by a strange unleashed dog on our walk, and wanted to turn around, so we were happy to let him lead us where he wanted to go. I didn’t want to pressure the dogs to go anywhere they didn’t want to, and we enjoyed hanging out at the shelter just as much.

The dogs seemed to enjoy their pack at the refuge when they returned, which was nice to see. We had a good time just relaxing and giving the dogs belly rubs before heading back to our hotel.

We had fun meeting and socializing with some more dogs back at the refuge, before heading out.

Visit the Refuge online at https://www.refugioanimalholbox.com/

Check out their donations page, which also has a wishlist.