Finishing or remodeling your basement can be a big project. Unlike the rest of your home, it is usually a different kind of construction and approach. Before starting a basement project, it is good to be prepared with a strategy so that you can make the best of your time and money.

Make Sure the Basement is Dry

Basements are notorious for having water issues, from flooding to moisture. It is a good idea to monitor your basement before designing a plan, and to make sure that any issues have been dealt with before any construction begins. Even if flooding or leaks are not of concern, you will want to be sure that your basement does not have a mildew smell. Take mold and moisture issues seriously, from testing to abatement to prevention.

Durable Flooring

Your basement flooring choice is important, as you will be working on concrete. Basements are often a place where there is some extra wear and tear, such as parties, game rooms, practicing music or sports, and so on. From wood floors to rugs, there are many options. Another option is concrete polishing, which can be a perfect solution for an affordable and low-maintenance, flooring. With polished concrete, you can always use additional floor coverings, from gymnastics mats to area rugs. It is easy to find a contractor such as Polished Floors, which guarantees our concrete floors contractors are one phone call away

Have Good Lighting & Bright Spaces

Basements can feel dark, so consider ways to improve lighting. You may be dealing with a primarily windowless space, or small windows. You may be able to add or make windows larger. If this is not possible, focus on good lighting, such as high hat (inset) lights in the ceiling.

Bright colors also help to make the space feel brighter.

Consider plumbing

When you remodel or finish, considering adding in plumbing for a toilet, shower, washing machine, etc. This can really make your space more versatile and gives you the ability to have guests stay with their own bathroom. Even if this is something you need to save up for in the future, take this into consideration when you plan out your basement design. You can always finish one room at a time and add in a bathroom at a later time, as long as you have allotted the proper space and proximity to plumbing.


Most of us can relate to needing more storage, and the basement is a great way to handle some overflow from the rest of your home, from holiday decorations to sports gear. This is something to consider as you plan out your design. You can save money by creating a storage space that also hides utilities, such as your breaker box, hot water heater, furnace, etc.