Moms know that time is precious and it can be challenging to balance the needs of their families. Parents are charged with raising awesome kids and earning money to support a good lifestyle. Eliminating a long commute and working from home can be a huge relief. Consider these remote jobs for busy moms and create the family life of your dreams.

1. Pharmacy Benefit Manager

A pharmacy benefit manager is a third-party administrator who deals with prescription drug programs for health insurers. The industry’s top PBMs work for private insurance companies and government agencies. Their job hinges on getting prescription pharmaceuticals to patients in the most affordable way possible. Hiring for these positions has become more competitive and excellent compensation is available.

2. Online Tutor

There are multiple reputable online tutoring companies that hire on a rolling basis. English tutors with a TEFL certification can apply for part-time and full-time positions, most of which allow you to determine your own schedule. Some companies do not require a college degree and native English-speaking applicants are not expected to be fluent in other languages.

3. Virtual Assistant 

A virtual assistant can help an executive from afar. You can apply for positions directly or go through an agency. Typical virtual assistant positions include calendar management, business travel planning, calls, emails, and note-taking during Zoom meetings. Part-time and full-time positions are available across global time zones.

4. Recruiting Coordinator

Recruiting coordinators post job listings and sort through applications. These people read CVs and resumes from the comfort of home. Coordinators may contact applicants and hold the first round of virtual interviews. You would assist in performing background checks and guide finalists through onboarding procedures.

5. Freelance Writer

A freelance writer can list their expert services on websites like Upwork and write about numerous topics. There are many routes to being a successful freelance writer, and specializing in a topic or industry can help attract clients. Consider whether you have an aptitude for education writing, legal language, entertainment, or SEO marketing content. You may also submit short fiction, essays, or poetry to contests with monetary prizes.

6. Blogger and Influencer

Determine a subject that you are passionate about and create an engaging blog. Build a loyal following with authentic writing, photos, and videos about your chosen subject matter. Promote your blog on social media and leverage your audience for relevant brand partnerships. Earn money through paid advertisements and affiliate links. You may also establish a Patreon for subscription content.

7. Social Media Manager

Use your social media skills on Instagram and TikTok to build a brand’s presence. Many new and long-standing brands require informed assistance to reach an online audience and meet sales goals. You would be in charge of posting daily, creating content that aligns with the brand story, engaging with commenters, and promoting current products. Social media managers need to stay a step ahead of trends and understand how to avoid PR pitfalls.

8. Virtual Personal Trainer

Get certified to be a NASM personal trainer online and build a roster of active clients. You can coach people through live streams, correct their form, provide real-time encouragement, and craft individual workout plans. This has tremendous value for clients that are fitting exercise into hectic schedules or for people who prefer home over the gym.

9. Web Designer

Design aesthetic and functional websites for clients from home. Every business needs a website or app that communicates exactly who they are, what they have to offer, and how customers can access its goods or services. Use your web design skills to help clients stand out from a virtual sea of online storefronts.

10. Graphic Designer

A graphic designer can create logos and materials for other brands or build a shop to sell their original art. You can work on a freelance basis to be a remote designer for a visually-driven brand. Print your own design on clothes or stickers and sell them from home.

11. Travel Consultant

Travel consultants weave logistical threads together to plan an exceptional vacation. Help clients enjoy the journey of a lifetime. You may even specialize in wheelchair-accessible travel or family-friendly cruises.

12. Transcriptionist 

Transcribe audio recordings to functional documents or add accurate captions to clients’ videos. Live transcriptionists can be employed to create captions during virtual meetings and workshops.

13. Proofreader and Copy Editor

Use your grammar and spelling skills as a copy editor or proofreader. You may have a contract with one large client or work on a project-to-project basis.

You have the knowledge and skills to be a present working parent.