I start every day off with a cup of coffee, and I definitely consider myself a coffee lover! I also love tea, so I was thrilled to learn about the new launch of Lardera, a coffee company by Adagio Teas.

I haven’t really gotten into cold brew coffee, mostly because we don’t have cold brew supplies and life has been busy. But I have heard many great things, and the summer weather is the perfect time to give it a try. While I am off from work for a few weeks in the summer, I definitely need a coffee boost to make it through these hot afternoons while I shuttle the kids between activities and try to get my own work done as well.

A stunning borosilicate glass carafe with high-precision stainless steel infuser. Cold brew up to 44oz of coffee effortlessly by placing in the refrigerator overnight. Need iced coffee quicker? Brew with hot water and add ice. The heat resistant glass body can go from boiling to freezing in minutes. Cleanup is a snap, as all items are dishwasher safe.

The pitcher is just over 10″ tall and is just the right size for the fridge. Along with the carafe, there are plenty of other cold brew options on the Lardera website.

There are several coffees to choose from.

There are lots of great choices, and opening the bags smelled like an amazing coffee shop right at home.

The coffees come with detailed descriptions. Along with the description you can also read about the farms and families.

This solid, well balanced cup with lingering notes of citrus, red apple, and pear comes from Cafetalera Herbazu, a farm and micro mill located in Cirrí de Naranjo, one of the three narrow geographical areas that in recent years have produced the best lots of high-quality Costa Rica coffee. This farm had belonged to many generations of Antonio Barrantes Zuniga’s family and he continues to personally oversee all aspects of cultivation, harvesting and production of his award-winning coffees, which frequently feature among the finalists of the annual Cup of Excellence competition.


The coffee comes in grounds that are specifically created for cold brew.

I had to look online for the directions on how to make cold brew coffee, as I am unfamiliar with homemade cold brew. With the Lardera carafe, it is super easy! You add the coffee grounds to the fine mesh strainer, then fill the carafe with cold water, and let sit overnight. You can also do a quick version where you use hot water for a quick brew, then cool it down with ice cubes.

Cold brew coffee is such a great daily treat on these hot summer days. I am thoroughly enjoying our Lardera coffee! And the great part is that I can make it so easily at home, and not have to rely on going to a coffee shop. Honestly, many shops use regular coffee over ice, which is not ideal.

We went through our coffee quickly, enjoying it on a daily basis. I will definitely be trying some of their other coffees!

Visit Lardera Coffee at https://www.lardera.com/